Can a computer game make a person cry?

In light of the new King’s Quest game being absolutely incredible and stirring up all the old obsessiveness of my younger self (the one who would try to turn our farm into a live-action KQ game and force my little brother to play it), I started doing a “Daily KQ” thing on my Tumblr, where I post a different King’s Quest thing that I think is cool and makes me all nostalgic and whatnot every day. I’m generally trying to go in order of the games, which means I wanted to find something cute or pretty or cool for The Perils of Rosella, the fourth game in the series and a major, major thing for me because it was a game where a strong and brave princess was the main character, and I stumbled across this incredibly awful advertisement:

Now, The Perils of Rosella never made me cry; I was probably too young for that shit. It mostly just made me excited. But this new game? I’ve played through the first chapter, A Knight to Remember, probably five times now (waiting for the third chapter is haaard, man, and, besides, I haven’t perfected the second chapter, but they’re lightly intertwined, so I like having certain things in one chapter influence the next), several times, and it still gets me each time. Not as powerfully as the first time, but, man, if you want a quick crash course in making a person care about a character in a short amount of time, and then a swift lesson in how to rip that person’s heart out and squash it under your foot, this game is for you. I almost had to put the controller down for a bit to reflect and properly mourn. I didn’t actually cry, but I nearly did, so that counts.

And that’s why King’s Quest is awesome.

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