Publishing Accomplishments in 2015.

Everyone always reflects on what they did and didn’t do in the previous year, what they plan to do in the next year around this time, and I’m no exception. I’m just spreading my reflections out like butter to help me keep a good pace with daily postings. Today, I’d like to look back at the publishing accomplishments that made it into 2015, which was, over all, a really stellar year for me and my writing, especially compared to things before I really sat myself down and dedicated myself to building this writing thing into something much, much more.

My previous intention of publishing two books every year was fulfilled with the release of the second book in the Slayer Saga, Heartless. I also released the second volume of the World Unknown Review, which features nine great stories and a cool novella. I intend to continue this trend in 2016, with the conclusion of the Slayer Saga with Fearless in August and the continuation of World Unknown Review with Volume III in December (which means submissions are open again, though they will not be processed until November).

Next year, I’ll be switching it up a little, though, and attempting to boost my production to three books a year (one in April, one in August, and WUR in December, always). But more on that in 2017, yeah?

Of course, my real big accomplishments were having four of my stories published in journals this year, which is is just staggeringly awesome for someone who has submitted stories since time immemorial, and has only had two little blurbs published in 2007 before. Two of the stories were reprints of stories I published in Bowlful of Bunnies, which makes me wonder if I’d have just been more dedicated to some of the other stories, they might have found homes in other journals, too. And the other two were original pieces.

The Maine Review published “Flesh and Feathers” in their Winter 2015 volume, a story about two young lovers with a lovely mythical twist.

“Eden,” a modern flash fiction take on a well-known tale, found its way into Cake & Grapes: Vol. I, Issue 2.

The First Line accepted “Laura and Ollie,” a really heartbreaking but touching tale of two coworkers who share a secret bond, for their Summer 2015 issue.

And about a month ago, I received a word from the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers of their interest in publishing my zombie story, “String Thaw,” for an upcoming edition of their Ghostlight series, though I’m still waiting on more information on that.

Overall, you can’t look at that and say that I haven’t had some successes in 2015. The critical part of me wants to emphasize that the successes are moderate at best, but, you know what, every little bit matters. Hopefully, next year, I’ll have even more to report in this area, but there’s also a chance that it could be a dry year, too. I won’t know until I try, but you can bet, I’m going to try really damn hard. Let’s go, 2016! Let’s bring it!


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