Happy new year, everyone! Today is the first day of 2016, and, while time is really just an arbitrary construction of the human condition, I’ve always been fond of a new year. I like order and clear demarcations for deadlines and goals and what not. I like looking back on the past 365 days and seeing what I can change or continue doing for the next 365 days. And I have a lot of things to look forward to, a lot of good habits I’m going to try to get started, and just a lot of new experiences to look forward to.

Of course, keeping up on this blog better is something I want to strive for, something that seems to need a kick in the pants every year, anyway, but I’ve got some good end-and-start-of-the-year posts coming. We’ll have a featured story and interview from my fantastic World Unknown Review Volume II authors coming up, a post about the books I managed to read last year (yet again, painfully short of my 100 goal), and a few words on what I plan on publishing this year. I’m hoping to start making at least three posts a week on the blog, one for each of my days off, so at least I have a few things planned to get me through January already.

Also in the book for this year is to look a little more into making World Unknown Press an official business, tracking how much money I spend on this whole writing thing along side how much I’m making, and (hopefully!) a bit of a relocation sometime in the spring. The boyfriend and I have been itching to get our own place, and it would be cool to start looking now, but Chicago winter has definitely arrived and there’s no way in hell I’m going to try moving in that.

I want to travel more this year, something small, mostly to a few haunts back in Michigan that the boyfriend needs to experience (Mackinac, Greenfield Village, Traverse City) and places in Illinois that people keep talking about, maybe Cedar Point in Ohio because he’s never been, and, if things go really well, maybe to my next big destination of choice, New Orleans. But who knows where things will be in six months? We’ll just have to wait and see, and I’m really excited to see where this particular journey will take me.


  1. Best wishes for a great 2016! Sorry I did not have anything to submit for WUR2 but I am sure it will be a great one. And speaking of vol 1, I am now featuring the premier edition on my new website here:
    Enjoy the trips to Michigan. Greenfield Village is awesome!

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