Halloween Hangover (and Many Other Things).

Okay, so my little blip in activity here has been a bit too long to truly be a “Halloween Hangover,” and the cause of my inactivity has much more to do with starting my new job and getting acclimated to it than anything else, but, hey, it’s a catchy title, right? My Halloween was pretty great and, thanks to only have two beers (a nice dry raspberry cider and the Eliot Ness amber lager from Great Lakes Brewing), I didn’t have a hangover, but I did have to pull a full shift today, and it got weirdly busy this evening. I spent my Halloween at a small party thrown by my friend, where a good time was had by all listening to spoopy music and playing Utter Nonsense. I dressed up as Ness from EarthBound (sorry, no pictures).

Halloween is pretty awesome, but November’s pretty sweet, too. I just may have finally caught my stride at work, which means hopefully being more of a presence on-line again. Of course, there’s a whisper of a rumor that they might try to phase me into another department, one I’ve never worked before, which is cool, but then there goes my equilibrium again. Just in time to get cracking on NaNoWriMo and World Unknown Review!

NaNoWriMo is, of course, National Novel Writing Month, which I always participate in and never actually complete. This year is Fearless, the final installment of The Slayer Saga, which I’ve definitely been itching to get to. I broke ground on it today. Not a lot. Not as much as I should have, but it’s off to a good start (I think).

And then there’s World Unknown Review. This will be the second volume, which comes with a new brand of excitement, as it takes the something new I started last year and turns it officially into a thing, a series, an annual, recurring entity. This year, I received submissions from 26 different authors, 32 stories all together, from five different countries. The scope of that is still slightly staggering for me, and I’m really eager to see what I’ll be able to bring to my readers this year, and many more years to come.

How was your Halloween? Anyone got any exciting NaNoWriMo plans? What’s been going on, Intrawebz? I’ve missed you!


  1. Hi Laura,

    Happy to hear you are doing well! Did you know that today was National Vegan Day? Danielle let me know and I had everything vegan today! LOVE IT!



    • I might have to remember that for next November 1st! I wasn’t aware such a day existed (although I guess it makes sense; there’s a day for everything!). Nice job on a good vegan-friendly day; it’s way easier than people think it is. 🙂

  2. Good luck on NaNo! My Halloween was pretty nice – I’m in the subburbs this year so I actually got some trick or treaters. I dressed up like Daenerys and had my bearded dragon on my shoulder, but of course none of the kids knew who I was 😛

    • It’s….probably a good thing, really, that they didn’t recognize you. I might be a little concerned about kids watching GoT. I read a really cute story of a woman who cosplayed as Daenerys at a con and a bunch of little girls thought she was Elsa, and she somehow got swayed into attending a birthday party. It was kind of sweet of her play along.

      And the bearded dragon is a great touch!

      • Yes, I had a policy of “if you’re old enough to know who I am, you’re too old to trick or treat!” I was surprised no parents picked up on it though.

        I can see how they could mistake her for Elsa! That’s kinda funny, and super sweet.

  3. I sat at home and edited for clients on Halloween. So I did nothing “Halloweenish”. It sounds like you had a great time, though!

    I haven’t done Nano in years. I’m just sticking to ROW80 since it fits my lifestyle much better, especially with my full time job and the editing as a part time job.

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