Hey, look! A Heartless Giveaway!

So my little experiment with running a sort of raffle fundraiser through GoFundMe didn’t exactly work out as planned (though I’m leaving it up as an open donation thing, and if you’d like to contribute to help me get World Unknown Press running, you can do so here and receive many, many thanks from me for doing so). While I didn’t get a single entry for the raffle (though I did get one great donation that opted out), I still want to give someone this really cool prize package I put together.

This leads me to finally giving Rafflecopter a try! This giveaway will be running from now until October 15th, and you have the chance to win a nifty prize package that includes a signed copy of The Slayer Saga: Heartless by yours truly, a copy of Fire Wizard by Lauralynn Elliott, which was featured in Heartless, a set of five gorgeous post cards from my cover artist Ingrid Pomeroy, and a $10 Amazon gift card. Not too shabby right?

Please consider entering the giveaway and spreading the word to your own readers. You can find the giveaway here!

And, on another note, keep an eye on Luther M. Siler’s blog tomorrow, because he’ll be running a really fun interview we had about Heartless. It was an honor to interview with him and he asked some really spectacular questions.

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