So Many Things, So Little Sleep.

Today has definitely been a long one, if you couldn’t tell by the late hour at which this is being posted. If it goes up before midnight, is it really still the same day? It’s been long, but it’s also been eventful, and I spent a good portion of the day pondering what I could possibly write about. The beautiful gloomy weather that kept me company on my walk earlier, the joy of finding Brussels sprouts on sale at the store and making a delicious salad out of them for lunch, the fact that my coffee was absolutely perfect this morning, too. I contemplated a little bit of a rant about a colleague, which was quickly overshadowed by the bittersweet feeling that tonight was my last time tending to the gelato at this particular place (I get far more involved in that gelato case than anyone has a right to). And then I got home and there was a big push to check out the new Rick and Morty episode. And I couldn’t say no to Rick and Morty. I just couldn’t.

And, so here I am, barely keeping my eyes open as I babble slightly and decide that, you know what? Tonight’s kind of a bust. Tomorrow’s my last day with my current job (yes, yes, yes!), and it’s a mid-shift rather than a closing shift like I’ve had these past two days, which means I’ll have plenty of time before bed to write a more substantial post. But the most important part is that I’m still writing this post, despite being tired, despite having the earlier shift tomorrow. And that’s the whole point. That was the whole intention of this.

I’ll consider myself two days strong, then, even if day two was really just a whole lot of nothin’.

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