Call for Submissions! World Unknown Review.

Things have been pretty dull around here, as I’ve been in a big blogging funk that’s led to quite possibly the quietest release ever for the second book in The Slayer Saga, Heartless (have you got your copy yet?). But, really, my focus has already shifted, as excited as I am to have a new book out. Because my brain has already grappled onto the fact that the deadline for the next volume of World Unknown Review will be here in nearly two months. Yikes!

So consider this the first (of many!) official call for submissions to 2015’s World Unknown Review. I’m looking for ten stories, any genre, any length (including one novella!) to flesh out the next step in this new literary tradition. Even better, I’m looking to pay you for those stories, too. $15 and some contributor copy swag go to the lucky ten to grace these pages. Last year had a phenomenal reception, and I can’t wait to see where this year takes us.

There’s plenty of time (OR IS THERE?) until the October 31st deadline, but get your stories in and start spreading the word to help me reach out to as many bright new voices as I possibly can. You can find all the guidelines here.

And, hey, if you want to help spread the word about Heartless, that’d be swell, too.

Happy writing!


    • Consider yourself emailed! I’m looking forward to what you might bring to the table this year, Luther; I’ll admit, “Culaqun” was definitely a personal favorite of mine in Volume I!

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