It’s July 15th!

As the title of this post, your calender, your phone, and whatever other time-telling device may tell you, today is July 15th! The Ides of July is a particularly exciting day for me, because it means that the next installment of The Slayer Saga, Heartless, will be released exactly one month from now! I can’t wait!

…well, actually, I can, because there’s still a boatload of work to do, but it’s exciting to know that we’re getting closer to unleashing the next book on the world. Next week, I hope to post my Cover Reveal, so you can all ooh and ahh over the wonderful work of my fantastic cover artist Ingrid Pomeroy and maybe, if you’re awesome, share it with your friends. Today, however, I have one matter of business to attend regard the book and eventual release.

I would like to do a little bit of an informal “Blog Tour” following the release, August 16th and onward, dependent on the number of interest parties. Basically, I’m wondering if anyone would like to take a day in August to sort of feature the book, whether it’s just providing the cover with a link, saying a few things about it, doing an author interview, character interview, whatever grand scheme might enter your mind, to help spread the word about Heartless and The Slayer Saga series. It would be nice to link through the previous and upcoming blogs, too, though it might not be wholly necessary. If you’re interested in featuring me and the book for a day, just let me know and I’ll hit you up and we can figure out what to pursue and when to post and all that lovely stuff.

As we all know, word of mouth is easily the best form of marketing at our disposal. Any help I can get in spreading the word about the book is fantastic, and I’d really love the opportunity to work with some of you on spreading the love. So, hit me up, let me know, and, in the meantime, happy reading, everyone!

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