Aryneth A-to-Z Challenge on Tumblr!

Lately (mostly because it’s easier to use the Intrawebz on my phone these days than my laptop, whut?), I’ve been trying to tap back into more social media outlets, like Tumblr and Intagram (and occasionally Twitter,but, dammit, Twitter), so I had this idea. I’ve also been wanting to do some A-to-Z challenges, but I know I can’t deal with my slow-ass laptop to post something every day here on the blog.

So let’s move it to Tumblr!

Today, I started up my Aryneth A-to-Z Challenge! Lately, I’ve been feeling a really strong drive to delve back into Aryneth, my fantasy-to-sci-fi epic that I’ve been developing since I was in fourth grade, pretty much, and I thought this would be a great way to get the juices really flowing again and spark up some interest again. After all, the debut novel of the series, Serpent in a Cage, after being a work in progress for more than a decade, might finally take top priority once the final book of The Slayer Saga is out in August 2016.

We’re starting it out with Auferrix Ferrore, one of the heroines of Serpent in a Cage, a fitting start to the challenge since she’s intended to really kick the series into gear.

“You can’t keep a serpent in a cage for long; eventually, she’ll just slip out between the bars.”

If you’re on Tumblr and we’re not following each other yet, we should! Even if you’re not on Tumblr, keep an eye out for more Arynethian characters for the next 25 days. (I’ll probably provide a few links here on the blog every few days, too). I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, and, hey, even if no one else pays attention, I get to post a lot of pretty pictures of people who embody my dearly beloved characters, which is always nice.


    • My boyfriend’s a huge Tumblrite, so he’s sort of got me back into it. The interface is really nice for mobile; it’s a good way to just sort of look at some cool stuff and kill some time. So I’ve been enjoying it lately. Really, it’s just an excuse to post pretty pictures, lol.

  1. Oh, definitely! I’ll be promoting it more in the fall, close to the October. 31 deadline, after “Heartless” is off my hands. I accept submissions for most of the year, though.

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