Promotion Friday…ACTUALLY on Friday!

Though my sort-of boss has warned me that the week after next might get a little crazy for me again, things at the part-time job have actually stabilized slightly (I still picked up an extra shift yesterday, putting me pretty well past the 25 hours minimum they want for part-timers, but oh well, the extra money is really needed right now!), which means I’ve got my shit kind of together this week. So that means Promotion Friday is actually going up on Friday! Whoo! All my posts have been pretty on-target this week, and I really think that shows how an opening (5;30am) shift is way different from the late morning (10am) shifts I’ve been getting instead. Even 8am shifts give me that little slice of time to get the blog stuff prepared before heading into work.

Anyway, who cares about that boring old stuff? Let’s get to promoting stuff! Last week, Lauralynn Elliott shared her book Hearts of Evil, adding to my ever-increasing Lauralynn Elliot-specific TBR piles (because I needed more TBR piles), and I shared Pocket Princesses, a Disney Princess inspired weekly comic on my list of things that make Fridays awesome

Also on that list of why Fridays are awesome is this week’s promotion, Horror Tree. If you write in the area of “speculative fiction,” meaning fantasy, science fiction, paranormal…not just horror…and you aren’t already on their mailing list, do yourself a favor and get on that shit! Every Friday, they send out a newsletter that contains the occasional interview or article, but what I find invaluable are the wonderful calls for submissions included. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with the journals and contests promoted in their emails, as well as quite a few that have inspired some work despite me missing the deadline. They’ve helped me fill my notebook with potential markets, and I really look forward to seeing what comes in every Friday. One day, one of these places might even accept my work, too.

Even if you aren’t actively submitting work, it still serves as a good glimpse into what’s going on in the publishing world, filled with ideas and interesting concepts that you might have otherwise missed. I’m a huge fan of Horror Tree so far, so, naturally, I had to share.

How about you? What have you been working on lately? What would you like to bring to the table today?


  1. I need to look into this Horror Tree thing. It certainly can’t hurt!

    I’ll have a mystery novella to promote (written under my other pen name) soon. I’m editing right now, then it’ll go out to beta readers after that. I’m lucky that my beta readers for my darker stuff are willing to read my lighter stuff under the other pen name.

    • Always exciting to see what you come up with, no matter what the name! Now if only I had more tie to actually read them all with everything else I’m also reading, lol. So many books, but I love it.

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