Promotion Friday on a Saturday (Again!)

Hey, everyone! Once again, my opening shift yesterday left me down for the count (in addition to recovering from a heck of a cold and a bizarre, bizarre encounter with a potential publisher that seemed a little off from the get-go and then suddenly got downright brash when I disagreed with one detail of his edits…may have dodged a bullet there, I suppose), so I didn’t get around to my Promotion Friday post. Besides that, I haven’t had much time to delve into the wonderful Intrawebz lately, either, so I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to promote this week. But then it was Friday, and a trip to Facebook reminded me of one of the other things I look forward to on Friday other than pay day…

Pocket Princesses!!

This definitely falls into the category of Totally Girly Guilty Pleasure, but Pocket Princesses is a wonderfully cute weekly comic by the talented Amy Mebberson that never fails to bring a smile to my face. Sometimes, the jokes aren’t really that funny…sometimes I don’t entirely get them, either…but there’s no denying the appeal of t the brief peeks into the lives of the Disney Princesses (and the occasional other Disney character) if they all lived together and were friends and had sleepovers and birthday parties and holidays together. Mebberson’s depictions of the princesses are A-FREAKING-DORABLE, with a really lovely art style that translates really well. Sometimes, I forget it’s Friday (it happens when you have a shift work job that requires most weekends), and the new one shows up on my Facebook feed and my day literally gets way better because of it. It’s a nice little slice of cute that I’m glad to have discovered.

Not for everyone, maybe, but I have absolutely no shame in my love for reinventing classic and timeless icons (and more obscure gems for the truly well-versed) like this.

Also, in case you missed it, last week, Lauralynn Elliott put in a great recommendation for Black Opal by Catie Rodes. I’m definitely going to check out the first book…eventually. My Kindle TBR list is waaaay too long.

What’ve you got to share this week? What have you been reading or working on or discovering this week? The floor is yours, dear readers, use it to your heart’s conent!


    • Sometimes even when the wounded are fully capable of recovery. Sigh. Ah, well. Not everyone’s looking for the same thing, and that’s fine. What one editor doesn’t see, another one eventually might.

  1. I have no desire to work with a small publisher. Usually, they can’t do anything for us that we can’t do ourselves. I worked with a publisher on the anthology I did under the other pen name just because that was the easiest way to split royalties with the other author, but we both knew the publisher. If a publisher isn’t going to offer me a SUBSTANTIAL advance, I don’t see the point. And there are so many “fly by night” ones, that I would be very careful of them. Now, if one of the big ones comes sniffing around…. 🙂

    Good luck with the submissions, and always trust your gut feeling.

    And now, since this is Promotion Saturday, here is some shameful self-promo.

    • See, and this was just for a story to run in a magazine, just help get my name out there a little bit, butt we just didn’t see eye to eye on a little detail of the story, so that was that. It just reminded me of how odd the literary world can at times. But ah, well.

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