February Focus.

Welcome to February, everyone! As fitting for the wintry month, we’re currently in the middle of an absolutely beautiful snowstorm here in Chicago, where we’ve gotten maybe three of the potential twelve inches until Monday. I’ve got a shift at work that’s going to likely be slow due to the double whammy of storm and Superbowl (which hit us HUGE yesterday; the store had it’s highest grossing day since it opened last year, even bigger than Thanksgiving, Christmas, and opening day), but then it’s followed by two glorious days off in which I intend to get a whole heck of a lot of work done. Especially since the arrival of February gives me two more things to focus on:

1. Finish Heartless and have it ready for beta readers by March 1st. I’m about 80 pages to go on the draft, and then I’ve got to type it all up and get a bit of an edit in, but I want to get it to beta readers by March so I have lots of time to work on the book before the August release. It might be a lot to squeeze in, and I might move the beta-reading to April, but we won’t know if I try.

2. Alpha reading another work. I’ve gotten the docs for a book I’ve offered to cover in red (and anyone who’s had me beta knows that I like to make a manuscript bleeeeeed), so I’m resolving to look over at least 13 pages a day so I can have it finished by February 25. Which shouldn’t be a problem at all…(She says now).

Also, with a new month comes a new Featured Story from World Unknown Review. This month, it’s Robert Robinson‘s memoir piece, “Sheba.” Give it a look and, if you like what you read, consider following Robert’s blog or picking up a copy of the review.

Definitely excited to add these to the focus for this month. What have you added to your plate for February?


  1. I love a good bloody manuscript. I might have to hit up your services when I eventually feel satisfied with my own book. I’m sure you’ll set me straight πŸ˜›

    Good luck with finishing your draft! I am also aiming to finish up a draft by March and to start another beta round about that time. Unfortunatly, we’ve picked the shortest month of the year to do it! Good news is, there’s nothing much better to do in February anyway πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah, I thought of that, too. Of course it pans out that the shortest month is the one I want to get the most done in, but, if the snow outside is any indication of the month we’ll have, I’m sure it’ll be fine. All the more excuse to curl up with my laptop and some tea, I suppose!

      And I’d love to beta the book when you’ve got it done! Just let me know. I love having a good editing project. I think it helps keep me in line making sure my own stuff is as good as what I’m tearing apart.

      • It will probably be awhile, I think. Although I’m about to do another beta round, it’s still largely for content. But I will certainly hit you up when I need some really critical eyes for a line edit πŸ™‚

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