A Review needs Reviews!

Today celebrates the one-month anniversary of the publication of the World Unknown Review Vol. I, and things have been going really great….except for one little thing. The book has had a solid showing in sales (solid for what I’m used to, anyway!), but things are looking a little nonexistent on the review side of things. So, to mark it having been out in the world for a month, I’m going to take the chance to extend an offer for anyone who would like a copy of the book in exchange for an Amazon review.

In this book, you’ll find eleven short stories from a lot of really fantastic authors and one novella from yours truly. Length-wise, it runs about 200 pages. Hopefully, it’s a pretty brisk and enjoyable read. There’s also a little bit of something for everyone: action and adventure, some memoir, some romance, even a few things I’ve read a few times and still don’t feel I have completely worked out. What I’m looking most for in a review is honesty, as well as a chance to highlight the stories that you enjoyed particularly well (if any! Though I doubt that would be the case…I was really hoping that at least one story would delight ever reader possible).

Are you interested? Just send me an email at ellis.engler@gmail.com, and we’ll make arrangements to have a copy of the book sent to you. I’ll also be more than happy to field requests to review the first book in my zombie series, The Slayer Saga: Heartless, or my collection of short stories, Bowlful of Bunnies!

Thanks, everyone! Happy reading!


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