Three Day Weekend!

In a surprisingly pleasant turn of events, I find myself with a traditional “three day weekend,” having Saturday through Monday completely off of my part-time job. This is pretty rare since they usually have me working weekends and, if I do get three days in a row off, it’s typically in the middle of the week. I’ve been looking forward to the start of this mini-break all week, and now it’s finally arrived. Here’s to hoping I can make the most of it and not just wile it away like I do sometimes. I’ve already had a productive morning, though, so here’s just what I plan to do with all this glorious time.

1. Finish formatting World Unknown Review. Outside of a miracle, I probably won’t get it ready by December 15th, but maybe December 20th. Either way, I want to get the formatting finally finished so I can send for proofs and have my proofreader scour it for errors before releasing it to the masses. I also finished up a cover for the journal, and it’s very simple, with a shabby chic charm, and I really like it. I’ve seen so many terrible covers that, clearly, the authors seem to like, and I just hope I’m not blinded because I’d hate to do my authors a disservice by putting their work behind a crappy cover. I’m pondering a cover reveal, but I haven’t decided yet.

2. Reading! It’s December, so I’m kind of trying to put the petal to the metal on finishing up as many books as I can before the end of the year. I’m not getting anywhere near by annual goal of 100 this year, but I should at least be able to hit a measly 20.

3. Finishing “Big Love.” I started watching “Big Love” on HBOGo this month, and I’m nearly finished with it, so I’m going to try to streamline through the rest of the episodes to move onto my next thing. It’ll probably be “Justified” or “Hell on Wheels,” but I’m open to suggestions! Meanwhile, I’m going to be trying to put “Good night!” into regular usage as a response to something shocking or outrageous, while pondering the possibility of some sister-wife murder mysteries…

4. Baking. Maybe it’s just because it’s cold, but I’ve been wanting to get some baking done. I see some possible banana nut muffins in my near future…

5. Writing. Duh. There’s gonna be a whole lotta writin’ going on this weekend!

So, what have you got planned for the weekend? Is yours a nice, comfy open one like mine, or are you busy, busy, busy? What do you like to do with weekends like this one?

Happy writing, everyone!

One comment

  1. We had a birthday party and Christmas with my dad and sisters on Saturday. Sunday was pretty laidback though.

    Hope you were able to enjoy(still enjoying?) your three day weekend!

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