World Unknown Review 2014 Authors!

Now that we’re into December and I’m trying to wrestle with some formatting with the hopes of releasing the debut edition of World Unknown Review to the masses, I thought it was high time I made an official announcement revealing the authors you’ll find inside this eclectic volume of excellent fiction. I can only express the utmost thanks and praise to these eleven fantastic writers who took a chance on a fledgling publication; I’m incredibly honored to put them all together in what I hope is the start of a beautiful and exciting new tradition. It also blows my mind that I’m actually getting the chance to be the first person to publish a lot of these stories, the first stories to be “professionally” published for many of these writers. True, I had to send out just as many rejection letters as acceptances, which was a bit of a surprise, but to be able to open at least one door for someone is what WUR is all about. Without further ado, then, let me introduce you to World Unknown Review Volume I‘s line-up, in more or less the order of appearance in which they’ll show up in the publication:

“Red Coat” by Miram Sagan
“Sheba” by Robert Robinson
“A Splash of Red” by Shan Jeniah Burton
“Slip Away” by Joe Bellamy
“The Crucible” by D.J. Lutz
“Forever Again” by Fallon Brown
“The Sands of Algeria” by Wesley J. Connell
“Temple of Slithering Death” by Michael C. Smith
“Culaqan” by Luther Siler
“The Wanderer” by Bilal Rahmani
“Iron Cave” by Nicholas Conley
“The Mutineers of Starvation” by L.S. Engler

I’m still not 100% sure when it will be ready for print and purchase, but you can guarantee all these great stories coming to you before the end of 2014. They will take you on a journey through time, off to different worlds, and through epic battles of history and the soul. Some might make you laugh, others make you sniffle a bit, and others still will make you think. A little romance, a lot of adventure, and some real good storytelling awaits, and hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Congratulations to all the wonderful authors who gave WUR a chance and submitted. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next year!


  1. I’ll be reblogging tomorrow! Thanks so much for the opportunity – it’s cool to think I’m a little part of your big new adventure. I’m excited to read stories from writers I know, and those unknown to me, so far…

    A discovery all around! =D

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