A New Step Forward.

It’s been another strange week, folk.  There was all sorts of shenanigans for Halloween, of course, but, prior to that, despite all the stuff I wanted to get done, my time was crippled as I went into battle with a little bit of malware that wound up on my computer due to my desperate attempts to revisit the LucasArts game Day of the Tentacle (it wound up on my phone, and it’s amazing and totally worth the pain of getting it).  This has left me way, way behind on stuff, down four whole levels on HabitRPG, and in a little bit of a whirlwind as I try to figure out how I want to set things in order and proceed from here.

On the bright side, today is November 1st.  After a few months of anticipating its arrival so I could finally break ground on writing The Slayer Saga: Heartless, I feel myself emerging into something fresh and new.  It might be a new day to sort of rearrange myself and embark on things a little bit differently.  I want to focus more on the writing, since I want to win NaNoWriMo for a change, and I cant to also continue working on Madeline.  Not to mention that it’s time to really weed through the World Unknown Review submissions and get it all prepared for publication in December.  Meanwhile, as all these project present themselves, I find myself unenthusiastic about the blog.  It feels like a chore lately, one I’ve been putting off, if you couldn’t tell by the lack of posts.  So I’m reconsidering my energy, figuring I’d rather spend it on those projects than stressing out about keeping up here.  I’m not ditching it…that would be a pretty dumb move, considering how valuable the blog is to keep me connected with my readers, but I’ll definitely be posting less frequently, probably a little more randomly, whenever something strikes me or I’ll have something interesting or exciting to share.

Overall, I suspect it ill be pretty good for me to spend a little less time on the computer and a little more time in my books.  I’m really excited to bust out a lot of good stuff this month and amp up my productivity, but it may require a little give-and-take.  And that’s okay.

Happy writing, everyone! I’ll see you when I see you. 🙂


  1. I feel that way about my blog sometimes too. I have a few days dedicated to a certain theme, which helps me with ideas for what to post. But, sometimes I just don’t feel like it.

    I have the first 1000 words on my NaNo project. Very low count for Day 2, but since it started on the weekend, I’m not surprised. I don’t write as much over the weekend as I do during the week. And I’m pretty sure I’ll catch up once I get back into my weekly routine.

    My health is currently down to 2 on HabitRPG and I still have over 100 points to reach the next level. This is the lowest it’s ever gotten for me. *gulp*

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