It’s the Final Countdown!

That’s right, folks. We’ve just entered the very last week to get in your submissions for the inaugural edition of World Unknown Review, my yearly literary publication to feature all sorts of really great stories and forge forward into the publishing world. The deadline is next Friday, October 31st, so please, get those stories into me soon before it’s too late! I’d love to have a good handful more tales to consider to make WUR truly exceptional and different.

Most of you are probably thinking, “Well, I already submitted!” which is awesome, so thank you! But I know there’s a few of you still out there that might be wondering, “Why should I submit?” instead. So I’ll give you a few reasons:

1.) It’s a paying market. You’ll get a few copies of the review to share, as well as $15 if your story is chosen.
2.) It’s a great showcase for your work. The short story business is a tough one, it’s a highly saturated market, and one of the tenants of the field that they actually teach you in school is how difficult it is to break into it. But WUR is just a little baby review right now, so your chances are significantly higher than other markets at the moment. Take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of something new and exciting!
3.) It’s all about community. One of my biggest dreams for WUR is that it will take on a lifeforce of its own through the authors that have participated in it. I intend to make the ebook version pretty cheap, and the print version fairly reasonably prices as well, so that the low price will encourage people to give a chance. Let’s say Bob Writerman gets a story published, and so do you. You’re both stoked about it, and so you tell all your friends. Bob’s friends pick up a copy, because why not? So do your friends. Then Bob’s friends read your story, and think, “I really enjoyed that. I want to see more about this author…” And your friends do the same with Bob’s work. Both writers benefit from sharing the journal, and the readers now have a whole arsenal of new writers to explore and discover. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, what are you waiting for? There are no genre restrictions, no theme restriction, not even a word count restriction. I want a little bit of everything in World Unknown Review, so that every reader can find at least one thing that they’ll fall in love with inside (even better if they love the whole thing)! Don’t let time run out on this great opportunity, or else you’ll have to wait all the way until October of next year!


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