RoW80 Check-In: Maybe a little late…

It seems that, just when I have my world finally aligned and calibrated, something shifts and sets it off-kilter again. This last week has been a strange one for me, not because I’ve had any strange scheduling to deal with or anything like that, but just because it seems that the way I was doing things last week wasn’t working for this week. And the things I was doing the week before didn’t seem to gel well with last week. After so long of focusing on the day ahead, I now feel things have taken on the nature of changing week-by-week, as they do day-by-day. So I’ve had to refocus my energies and approach things from a different view. I’ve also adjusted a few of my goals for this month of this round of RoW80, and finally getting to put my post up, although it’s day like.

Sigh. Such is life, right? But I’m not doing too terribly on my current goals. Have a look:

Goal One: Finish Madeline. Trying to get six pages a day so far has consistently failed, so I’m going back to just one page a day, and anything extra is just bonus. I’ve been getting out about two now that I’m focusing on getting that first page out before doing anything else. I really wanted to make that six pages because I know that’s what I’ll have to do with Heartless once NaNoWriMo starts, but this is also good because it’s helping me adjust to finding what works best to ensure that I do get those six pages come November. I doubt Madeline will be finished by then, but it should be at least half-way there.

Goal Two: Short Stories. I’ve hit a bit of a stop with this one at the moment. Most of my current works are out right now, so I’m just waiting for responses. I haven’t had time to work on many new stories due to my focus on Madeline, but I’ve got a few started that I’m eager to complete once I have a bit more focus for them.

Goal Three: Reading. Reading has being going well, too, thanks to also reading a chapter first before turning on my computer. I still haven’t gotten into reading before bed again, mostly because it’s difficult to read when you’re staying up so late, you just want to fall asleep when the lights go down. I did finish Mother, May I? by A.K. Alexander, so a review of that should be coming along in the next few days.

I’m going to leave it at that, because I’m just under the wire for getting to work on time, but I figured I should rush out an entry before I do. Happy writing, everyone!


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