RoW80 Check-In: Insert Clever Title Here.

While things are a little more steady for me now, my life is still a little topsy-turvy. Herein lies the problem with living with three other people, all of us with very different lives. I can go four straight days without seeing the other two roommates…of course, those are the days I’m working long shifts. Then, I snag myself a weekend off, and it’s suddenly a full-house in the apartment, including the roommate we haven’t heard anything from in nearly a week and the other, s roommate’s girlfriend. ARRRGGHH. I thought of escaping to a coffee shop or something, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus. I just want to sit curled up in my usual spot in the living room and type away in peace and quiet, but, alas. It was not to be this week, as it wasn’t the week before that. But, as I realized, even when I feel like I haven’t been productive, I still somehow manage to get shit done and eke out some of my RoW80 goals.

Let’s have a look:

Goal One: Finish Madeline. Pfffttthhh. I think it’s the fact that I haven’t been able to keep up with my six-pages-a-day goal on this one that has me feeling like I’m in a funk. It may be a lofty goal, but it’s an important one. Six pages is what I need to do for NaNoWriMo, so I need to build my stamina. However, I’m not failing entirely. I’ve been getting through at least a page a day, but I’m way behind if I want to finish it by October 31st.

Goal Two: Short Stories. Here is where I’ve been doing much better. Granted, I’ve had three stories return with rejections, so all I had to do was edit them up and find somewhere new to send them, so this week alone, I’ve sent out three different stories to three different places. Now I don’t have a story to send out this week, which is okay by me. I’m working on finishing my gravedigger story soon to send that one out.

Goal Three: Reading. Nearly finished with Mommy, May I?. The end of Seeds of Time is dragging a little, but that should get there soon. The Alchemist’s Daughter has been getting most of my time. I’m really finding it just fascinating and I’m intrigued to see where McMahon is going with this one.

That’s pretty much it. I need to kick Madeline into gear a little bit more, but everything’s chugging along nicely. I mostly just wish that I could get to November already. I’m getting stoked to start Heartless. It’ll be a crazy ride.

How’s everyone else doing so far? I haven’t had a chance to check-in with my fellow RoWers lately, but I’m hoping to get that changed here soon, too.

Happy writing!


  1. I agree that it would be hard to work with that many people around, especially in your living room. I can work in coffee shops fairly well, except that I get distracted with people watching. I think that our creative processes are sensitive to any sort of change in routine. Even something as simple as a doctor’s appointment at my normal writing time can throw off my schedule. I hope you’re able to find a nice quiet corner to curl up in and get some words on the page. Have a great week!

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