Weather the weather, whether or not.

Sun, sun! My kingdom for some sun!

It’s been a strange week for me so far, one I’m not entirely pleased with, but there’s little I can do about that. I’m not sure whether I can blame it on outside forces or if it’s a hiccup in my own drive and motivation, but I want to lean more towards the former. This entire week has been dull and rainy and overcast in Chicagoland, which is nice for a day or two since I love that kind of wet autumn weather, especially as the leaves are changing and falling and clinging to everything from sidewalks to cars, but I’m starting to crave a little bit of sunlight. Weather can influence our moods, and, for me, too much of this has stolen away the creativity I felt at the beginning of this gloomy spell and replaced it with lethargy and laziness. It hasn’t been helped by a really whacked-out work schedule, either. I have the entire weekend off starting today, which will be nice, but I can’t count on it to get me focused again, because it’s the weekend of my boyfriend’s birthday, so it will be filled with festivities. Then off to another week that reminds me of all the things I quit my last job over and wondering if it’s all just a vicious cycle.

Today probably won’t bring a lot of ability to catch-up, though I am getting a post out after a long dry spell, so there’s definitely a start. “Couples Therapy” came back with a rejection, so I’m brushing up that to send somewhere else and hoping to make some headyway on finishing my beta-read for Fallon Brown tonight because I’m almost finished and Ken will be out playing Magic: the Gathering with friends. Before that, though, I have to get to the laundromat and then run some errands (dropping off books at HalfPrice Books, Target because I ran out of soap and they’re the only convenient place that sells Dr. Bronner’s, then a date at Noodles & Co. and shopping at Trader Joe’s. A busy day, but I know I can get a few more things into place again.

Saturday will be more successful. There will be a visit to our favorite Brookfield bar, Brixie’s, but that’s not until evening, and Ken works, so hopefully I can bust out some stuff and get back on track. Sunday’s going to be pretty up in the air. His two favorite teams play each other, the Dolphins vs. the Bears, so it’s a stay-in, pizza-and-game-day. Maybe I can managed to catch up on emails.

I’m just glad to have some time to reconnect with my writing again, since it’s getting a little harder to do that lately. The weather hasn’t been helping. Do you feel that too much gloomy weather kills your mood? We’re getting some sun already today, so I’m taking it as a good sign.

Happy writing!


  1. Oh I hate those weeks! But usually I find, even if the unproductive week is disappointing, my productivity comes back with a vengeance. You probably just need a little recharge!

    • Yup. The same with me. It’s all pretty cyclical, so get ready, next week is going to be good!

      Although, really, what always gets me is there are weeks like this week when I feel I don’t get anything done, but I look back, and I still managed to send out two stories and write a page a day and even get some reading in, so it’s not even as much of a bust as it feels. Which is a pretty great feeling.

      • Yeah, you’re unproductive week still sounds pretty good…my unproductive weeks I can brag about getting out of pajamas at least 1 day and eating lots of cake…pretty unproductive unless your goal is to eat cake, I can do that like it’s my job.

  2. The sun is finally peeking out today. We’ve had many rainy days followed by just gloomy days. I’m like you, I like it for awhile, but soon I have to have some sun.

    I didn’t realize “Magic” was still a thing. My oldest son used to play it.

  3. Our weather’s been like that most of the week too, well, except for the unseasonably warm(like 80 degrees) on Tuesday. And it looks like it’s going to be the same for the rest of the week. Makes me want to curl up on the couch with a book(or my kindle). I actually fell behind on my goals this week, but got mostly caught up by last night.

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