Days Like These…

We all have days like these where it feels you can’t quite manage to get your head on straight no matter how many cups of coffee, no matter which room you work in, no matter how quiet it may be….until about an hour before you have to go and see tos ome other obligation. That was totally me yesterday, when I sat down with the best intentions of getting things done and then somehow couldn’t manage to accomplish anything. Then my boyfriend woke up and we had breakfast and watched TV, and then the other roommates were up so the peace I had in the morning was completely gone, and then everyone cleared out, I set myself up in the bedroom, finally started making some progress on my daily goals…but I don’t have enough time to really devote to them since I have to get ready for work shortly after. Uurrrgh. It’s almost as if my brain knows I don’t have enough time, and it’s just being a real jerk-off. I even discovered a story is actually too short for somewhere I want to submit it, for a change.

The thing is, we’re bound to have days like these, and the best thing we can do is accept them and move along. I’m probably going to have two more days like this…I have two more days left in my “work four seven hour closing shifts in a row weekend of doom,” before starting another 28 hour week for a job I took with the intention of working no more than 15 hours a week. I could get frustrated, I could bemoan how this is causing my craft to suffer, or I could just grin and bear it, squeeze in what I can when I can, be glad for the extra money, and continue on my way. I’m not perfect at it, but I’ve gotten so much better than I used to be, and I’m more efficient than I’ve ever been before, too.

Because days like these come and go, but, funnily enough, I’ve actually managed to still get stuff done. Found more potential places to submit stories, read through some of the stuff I’ve beta-reading and the submissions for World Unknown Review, got some reading and more scribbling….I’m still in good shape. Just maybe not exactly the shape I would prefer.

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