WIPpet Wednesday on a Tuesday.

It’s like Spaghetti Tuesday on Wednesday, but backwards and with writing!

Since I have an interview with Elaine Jeremiah scheduled for tomorrow to discuss her latest release, Reunion of the Heart, and because I don’t really have much of an idea for a post today anyway, I thought I’d do my sneaky little unofficial Wednesday WIPpet a day early, especially since everyone seems to be enjoying my little tidbits of Madeline so far. I had a big long paragraph introducing this excerpt all ready to go before my computer got all stupid on me and I lost it, and I’m not going to bother trying to rehash it, because it’s brilliance is now forever gone. But I will say that today’s little bite of literary goodness is the first exchange of dialogue we receive, taking us out of Madeline’s rich and rambling internal monologue to highlight a typical conversation between her and her brother that showcases his controlling, protective nature. Let’s have a read, shall we?

      But I can grow so restless, so weary. “Let us go outside, brother,” I tell him, as we sit in the kitchen to break our fast on porridge and crusty bread. “I peeked through my window this morning, and saw the sun shining on the glittering dew on the grass. We can pack ourselves a picnic and dine beside the swamps, to watch the frogs catch flies with their long, sticky tongues. Remember Father telling us of the great blue heron with the long legs that used to fly overhead? Maybe we will spot him, and make him our friend.”
      “Haven’t I told you to keep the curtains drawn, Madeline?” he says, frowning at the slightly curdled cream he stirs into his coffee. “You will damage your poor, fair skin. Thin as parchment, it will crinkle and curl like parchment, too, if you don’t take care. No, we mustn’t go outside, dear sister, for you are much too ill, and there will be no dry ground, besides. Be content to stay inside and occupy yourself with more appropriate amusements. If you are truly desperate for something to do, I’ve got some socks in need of mending.”

Happy writing, everyone!

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