Three Day Weekend, Starting Monday.

Last week was an interesting one. Due to a variety of events, I wound up putting in more than thirty hours at my part-time job. Due to the variety of events still leaving some residual problems, I’m finding myself with about twice as many hours as I would like for my “part-time” job. It’s definitely a side-effect of being a hard and trustworthy worker, I guess, and I’m cool with it, as being busy seems to spark my creativity more and makes me appreciate the time I have to write even more, plus who doesn’t love extra money, but man. It’s a little rough, especially since the shifts are much longer. I haven’t even posted in the blog in a few days because it just didn’t fit in with the schedule. It happens. But, on the other hand, this happens, too.

“Three Day Weekend!”

For all my hard work (and the harsh set of three seven hour closing shifts in a row on a regular weekend awaiting me), I’ve been granted these next three days off, which is pretty freaking cool. That gives me one day to decompress, one day to really focus and drive home some stuff that needs to be done, and then one more day to prepare myself for the long haul ahead. It’s going to be pretty glorious, and, finally, I’m able to make a post. Granted, I haven’t had much to say lately. I’ve been reading through World Unknown Review submissions and scribbling down ideas for more short stories than I can keep up with, but I haven’t been able to think of very many blog posts in the meantime. We all have those moments of disconnect, and all the extra working probably hasn’t been helping.

Another glorious thing about this “three day weekend?” It’ll make Friday (aka PAYDAY) get here faster, and, with the 30+ hours. that’s gonna be a nice fat check. Mwa ha ha ha ha.

Enough of that. I’m going to get back to writing (and then treating myself with revisiting “The Walking Dead” on Netflix). But I figured I shouold let everyone know I’m still out here and alive and ready to write up a storm!



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