RoW80 Update: This is the End?

I’m going to be 100% honest. I have no idea when this round of RoW80 officially ends. I know when the next one begins (October 6th!), but I don’t know when this one ends. That’s fine, too, because my goals have sort of run their course. So, even though I’m pretty sure this isn’t the last day of this round yet, I’m scribbling up a review on how I’ve done this time. I’m going to keep working on this things before October 6th, while also contemplating what my new goals will be. Let’s have a look.

Goal One: Promotion. I think I could still stretch my promotional muscles a little bit more, but I played around with some options and gained some knowledge on what works well right now and what does. No surprise here, but the personal touch, through interviews and blogs, is the best method, though I found a few avenues on reddit to be pleasantly surprising in their helpfulness, especially doing a CasualAMA. The email lists didn’t seem very helpful, though it was really cool seeing my book my inbox like that. Soon, I want to start playing around with discounts and give-aways, but I want to wait until I get a few others things settled first.

Goal Two: Short Stories. This goal has definitely been the crowning achievement of the round. I definitely didn’t make my goal of submitting a story a day, but I honestly never expected to. I did get a good handful of new stories written, though, as well as some ideas for some more and a few old stories returned to me and ready for revamping. Even better, I still have about a month before I have to drop the stories and focus on Heartless for NaNoWriMo.

Goal Three: Madeline. I didn’t make nearly as much progress with Madeline as I had hoped, but I got a good solid start on it and about a month longer to build on it, so that’s not half bad. It’s more than what I would have done if I hadn’t tried working on it, so there’s always that. We’ll see if I feel up to revisiting it when we get Heartless taken care of.

So, how’d everyone else do? I know I’m probably cutting the round a little short, but my round has kind of run its course and I’m going to focus on other things until October 6th. Don’t forget to check out my fellow RoWers here and cheer them on!

Happy writing!


    • See, I knew it was coming up soon! But, yeah, I’m ready for the next one. Truth be told, I’m ready for November already. Apparently, restricting yourself from writing something is a great way to build up excitement for a WIP. Mmm. Sweet deprivation…

  1. So you’re going to do NaNo? Good luck! Since you’re working part-time right now, I think you’ll be able to win this time. I won two years in a row, but I did it while working full-time, and I NEVER want to do it again. It almost killed me! (Well, not literally, but it felt like it, LOL.) I think you did great this round. You published Soulless! Good luck with your goals next round!

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