“Heartless” Inspiration.

Excuse me while I drop a ton of images that have totally been inspiring me for the big attempt to write the draft for Heartless in November, mostly found on reddit. I don’t really have much to post today, as I slept in and have to leave for the part-time soon (and I know I won’t have the energy to post something later), so have some cool pictures in the meantime. I’m really starting to get excited for November, and I have a feeling this might be the first time I actually manage to hit the goal for NaNoWriMo. If I do, it not only means I’m good on my schedule to have Heartless out by August 2015, but it’ll be my first “win” in all my many, many years of participating. So, yes. Bring on the inspirational pictures! You might be seeing a lot of these posts in the near future. For now, I bring you just a handful:

This old photograph from 1907 totally makes me think of the speaking tubes on the Queen’s Airship. If only her hair were darker and curlier, this could be Veroh speaking with the Captain in another part of the ship, as their relationship starts to develop into something somewhat romantic. Ooooh~ ❤

So help me if this gorgeous shot of a broken wagon wheel in South Dakota doesn’t bring to mind the prologue of Soulless and the wagon under which the young Slayer of the Soulless hid from the monsters! Will it make another appearance in Heartless? Hmm…interesting idea!

Now, here’s another interesting idea. So far, most of the villages and settlements had been pretty welcoming to our wayward band of adventurers, but not everyone would be so welcoming. Perhaps at least one village woudl have the decency to warn strangers of the dangers….that is, if those strangers knew how to read! I never thought of a militarized zone that tries to keep both Soulless and humans out, but now I’m kind of thinking it over…

Grand Tetons. I’ve never been there, but, let me tell you, this is pretty much the entire landscape I envision when I write the Slayer’s world. It’s perfect.

Another beautiful landscape, this one of a barren, almost scorched looking earth, from Hawaii, which I imagine resembles the places where the Soulless have ravaged to the point of near desolation.

We followed an overgrown road to Lord Gizak’s kingdom in Soulless; where might an old railroad lead in Heartless? I was avoiding railroads in Soulless to hide my The Walking Dead inspiration, but it might be something to explore in the second book.


  1. I feel like New Zealand and Glacier should probably make their way into inspiring you. And pretty much everyone who ever has or ever will breathe. Seriously.

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