RoW80 Update: Oh, hey, it’s Sunday!

Every single time. I swear, it happens like clockwork, every single time. I start to feel really dull and uncertain with my direction, I take a day where I mostly don’t do anything and feel really guilty about it, only to have my batteries totally recharged the next day, forging forward with confidence and certainty into some hard-hitting success on my RoW80 goals. Give it some time, I’m sure I’ll be back down in the doldroms, but, for now, I’m taking advantage of the upswing and getting what I can out of it with some awesome productivity.

Have a look:

Goal One: Promotion. I sold a book on Friday! Something with the promotion might finally be working. Everyone get the confetti! I’m also thinking of switching my focus to promoting the open submissions for World Unknown Review, but I’m a little lost as to where to promote it. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to be enlightened. Or if anyone wants to promote it on their own blogs, that’d be even better. October is going to be here before we know it!

Goal Two: Short Stories. I’ve got a few new short stories that I’m working on finishing right now, one involving a mysterious masked woman and the other a book-loving gravedigger’s son, but I’ve been struggling with a “Creation” tale for Horror Novel Review‘s Horror in 100 Words contest. I have a new idea I might try scribbling down at work, so we’ll see. I just a rejection letter about a story I didn’t even realize I submitted to a certain publication, so that was kind of interesting and just proves that I’m getting a good amount of stuff out if I’m losing track of a few things. I’ll also be brushing up “A Song for the Underworld” again and retracting it from The Bad Version if they don’t respond to my query about my January submission soon (or if the response is good old rejection).

Goal Three: Madeline. Finally broke through the barrier I had in Chapter Three, onto Chapter Four, which is just flying by. So things are going really well with the manuscript now, and I’m getting into some cool things that may help calm my craving to be working on Rosewood Manor instead.

All in all, then, things are going pretty well! I’m over that little rough spot and my confidence is back and I’m feeling productive again. It’s a lovely feeling and, even better, I have tomorrow off, and I might finally get those books that have been sitting in my living room mailed out! Hooray for progress! What have you done this week that feels like a big step forward? Are your goals behaving and coming along? Have you checked out my fellow RoWers here yet?

Happy writing, everyone!


  1. great job on getting through the barrier!

    I passed 70k on my current WiP, so I’ll hopefully have it finished with another 10k. I love the feeling of being almost done.

  2. Glad things are looking up!

    By big step for this week was starting the first draft of something. I’ve been in revision/editing mode for so long that drafting feels REALLY scary, but I got 1,000 words in today. 🙂

  3. Glad you are on the flip side. Hope you still are. I’m like you, constantly back and forth. Just when I think I won’t come back from it, I do. That’s also why I love the ROW80 community, because I get the encouragement I need to never give up. Kudos!

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