Avenger Titan X-League Actunite!!

Yesterday, I couldn’t think of a post. So, I figured a good thing to put up today since I still can’t really think of a post today, I thought I’d open it up to discussion with a question that I saw on a questionnaire recently, especially since I really liked the last time I just asked a question and let people go at it. No fancy graphic this time, just some bold text and a cool image to go along with my answer:

If you could be any superhero, which superhero would you be?

I wanted to really think about mine, because I jumped right to my favorite superhero, and, after some consideration, he still stands out as my top choice. If I could be a superhero, I would be Aquaman!

….okay, you can stop laughing now.

…Seriously, stop! Let me explain. Aquaman gets such a bad rap, and, I’ll admit, when he first came about, some of that was well-deserved, but all of the superheroes were pretty cheesy in the Golden Era when Arthur Curry first crossed the panels. But he has developed into a certifiable bad-ass, well beyond the ability to talk to all kinds of marine life (you’re telling me you wouldn’t appreciate getting to know just how smart dolphins really are?). I mean, Jason Mamoa does not get cast as non-bad-asses. Not only can he communicate with fish and in several cases control them, he also has a mastery of water, an ability to move really quickly through it, and breathing underwater is freaking sweet (then again, I was the kid who always pretended to be a mermaid whenever I went swimming). He’s the king of Atlantis, ruler of the ocean, so allow me to remind you that our planet is mostly water. He rules over the majority of planet, here, guys.

Powers aside, Aquaman is (in most of his incarnations) a proud man with a very good heart, always fighting for those he loves and gunning for peace and cooperation over destruction and hate. That, over anything else, is why I would whole-heartedly want to be Aquaman. He’s just a really good guy, and he’s passionate about the things that are important to him and will do everything he possibly can to fight for what he believes in. That, in my opinion, is a real hero, the sort of person I look up to and would like to emulate. He’s just a damn good guy, dammit.

Aquaman also has an absolutely incredible love story with his wife, the powerful Meera, who almost made my list because I absolutely adore her as a character. It seriously tears me up a little inside when various incarnations split Arthur and Meera up (I’m look at you, New 52, and, oh god, Flashpoint *wibbles so damn much*). They are truly an amazing couple that seem to really stick through all sorts of things and still have this incredible bond. For me, theirs is a love for the ages, and one of the best things about it is that Meera is an equal to her husband, just as powerful, just as epic, just as awesome. I would turn down being matched with such a fierce, independent, and beautiful woman at all. Added bonues!

Honestly, the fact that I love Aquaman’s trident and I like his costume better is the only reason I picked him over Meera. And, well, I gotta support my man AM over here.

It’s your turn now. If you could choose to be any superhero, who would you be, and why? I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


    • I’ve never been a big Supe kind of fan, myself; I was always in the “he’s too perfect” camp, so my first response was, “But Superman is boring! Lots of superheroes can fly!”

      …BUT not many superheroes can fly fast enough to alter the orbital rotation of the earth, so I can totally give you Superman on this one. That would be pretty sweet, and just think about the aerial views and all that time you’d save on commuting!

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