RoW80 Update: That’s more like it!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to yet another RoW80 update. I’m starting this post much more cheerfully than the others because I’ve finally managed to make some major headway on moving thanks to an unexpected weekend off of my part-time job. In addition to making some headway on the moving, I’ve managed some time to get a few of my writing ducks in a row, as well, as well as unearthed a whole boatload of old notebooks filled with inspiration and some potential stories to revive. It’s like unearthing a whole world that I had completely forgotten existed. I’m really excited to see what I might manage to accomplish now that this next chapter in my life can begin in full force.

Let’s have a closer look at what I mean:

Goal One: Promotion. I’m focusing on more “grassroots” methods of advertising now since I feel all the lists and whatever didn’t really do much good. So now I’m gunning for interviews, and, as soon as I get more copies in, I’ll be looking for people who would like to collect copies in exchange for review.

Goal Two: Short Stories. As mentioned above, I’ve been going through all my old notebooks due to the move, so I’ve discovered a whole bunch of old stuff to revamp into new stuff, including this crazy yarn I actually recall writing in class on day, about chasing a pig through K-Mart with Susan Pevensie, which I submitted to American’ Short Fiction. “Couples Therapy” has also been sent off to AGNI. I’m not sure if it’s a good fit, but you never know if you don’t try, right? I’ve hit a good stride with short stories again, so I’m excited to see what I’ll be able to pull off in the next week while I ride this out.

Goal Three: Madeline. It’s funny…now that I’ve dropped the goal for Madeline from a chapter to a page, I’m writing more of it than I did before. It’s like the smaller, more manageable goal makes me feel like I’m accomplishing more, and, as a result….I want to work on it more. Go figure. So it’s coming along nicely, and I’ll be forging ahead into the fourth chapter soon!

Things are falling into place, which makes a relatively short and sweet sort of post, but I’m trilled to see where all these short stories will take us. Don’t forget to check in with my fellow RoWers here, and, most importantly, happy writing!


  1. It does sound like you are making progress. Slow and steady wins the race, so they say. I’m anxious to hear how the short stories turn out. Best of luck in the coming week.

    • Thanks, Chris! Yup. Slow and steady and a lot of patience. It’s the last part I have the most trouble with, lol. Guess I just need to make sure I fill the waiting with lots more writing.

  2. Great progress on your goals!!

    I didn’t do any kind of promotion when I released Duty to Protect. And you an tell by my lack of sales. I’m definitely going to have to put more effort into that when I’m ready to release Flames of Redemption.

    • I’m learning new things with each release, so I’m sure, once I have maybe, oh, I don’t know, a hundred books out, I might finally have the promotion thing down, lol.

  3. I think you’re right about setting smaller, more manageable goals. Somehow the smaller goal means less pressure, which means we’re less stressed when we show up at the page–and more gets done. Creativity is a strange beast.

    Have a great week!

  4. I’m not a fan of pressure. Sometimes those smaller goals can lead to a lot more; and, even when they don’t, they DO add up over time.

    I’ve committed to adding a minimum of 750 words/day to the draft I’m hoping to finish before NaNo. Sometimes I do more; mostly, I’m pretty close. But I just finished scene 47/60, so I know those words are piling up, and leading to something much bigger…

    Hooray for progress and old words made new! =D

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