RoW80 Update: …Whoopsies!

So the other day I made a mistake that left me in a little bit of a funk. It’s funny, isn’t it, how one little thing can put me so off-kilter? It wasn’t even a big mistake, just a wee little whoopsies that made me feel very silly indeed. I have a lot of those things, and I’m trying to not let them bother me, but it’s a work in progress. I’ll get to the detail later, as it does pertain to one of my RoW80 gaols. Before we do that, though, let’s just take one collective moment of pity or sympathy for all those little things that turn our face red and are way harder than they should be to just shake off.

There. Onto the goal!

Goal One: Promotion. I feel like I’m starting to exhaust a lot of my options as far as sites to leaves links and the like. I have to start branching out and focusing on providing copies for reviews and giveaways, but I’m not exactly in the best state of mind for that right now. Once the move is finished (longest. move. ever.), then I’ll start worming into those sorts of methods. For now, I’m just keeping my eyes and ears open for signs of opportunities to dive into.

Goal Two: Short Stories. Herein lies the aforementioned whoopsies. While looking around for a place to send “Shadow Wolves,” I found two places I wanted to consider,, which takes up to 12,000 words but isn’t reading submissions until the end of September, and Fantasy Scroll, whose word count restrictions won’t accept the longer “Shadow Wolves,” but it does accept previously published work, so I was thinking of sending “Dragon Rising” from Bowlful of Bunnies. So what do I do? Totally mess up and accidentally send “Shadow Wolves” to Fantasy Scroll, despite it being glaringly beyond its word count limitations, because I’m a ditz. I was such a silly, stupid mistake that I’m sure will annoy the crap out of the editors. “Did this person even read our guidelines? What a jerk!” So I’m hoping they get so many submissions that they’ll forget about it so that when I do send in “Dragon Rising,” they’re not, “Isn’t this the dummy that didn’t read our guidelines before?”

….I’m probably thinking into this way too much, but stupid professional mistakes like this weigh on me as if it’s going to ruin my whole career, which is just silly.

On the other hand, I’ve been typing up a new story entitled “Couple’s Therapy” that I rather like, and I’ve started two more short stories, one fantasy yarn about an escape from a magical fortress, and another tale about a strange book that is actually a companion piece to “The Space Between Worlds” (also from Bowlful of Bunnies).

Goal Three: Madeline. I’m considering knocking this goal down to just a page a day, rather than a chapter, which I knew was lofty to begin with, but I still wanted to try it. I can consistently get at least a page a day…a chapter is much more challenging, especially with my writing style. Nothing official yet, but there you have it. I have been seeing a lot RoWers also doing Wednesday WIPpets, samples of their writing based on some mathematical trickery involving the date, and I thought maybe I should venture into that with Madeline to help me feel more inspired to push forward with it. So here’s a small WIPpit to introduce you all to this new project. A quick background into it: I’ve always been intrigued by the sister character in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher,” so Madeline is my attempt to tell the story from her point of view, in a full novel length format rather than a short story, so it’s very 19th century Gothic, attempting to play around with all the element of that era and the style of writing popular in that day. Since today is 09/03/2014, I’m doing 9+3+2+1+4=19, 1+9=10, 10 lines (or so) from the first page, so basically the introductory paragraph:

     The dragon dwells beneath us, deep down below the labyrinth of the cellar, where he stomps and breathes and sleeps. I can always hear him down there, astonishing as it may seem, through all the bricks and wood and mortar. He keeps me up at night, so I shout and scream for him to be quiet and settle down, to leave me peace and let me slumber, but he, defiant little beastie, never listens. He only makes his stomping and breathing and sleeping louder. My only respite comes when my dear brother reads to me his poetry or plays his music, though he does so with obvious weariness, heaviness darkening his eyes.

    He says he does not hear the dragon that lurks below, far, far below our floorboards, but I know he does. I can see it in his eyes, and in the slight way he always jumps and shifts his focus whenever the house creaks from the howling winds as they rush wildly over the moors. Roderick has his music and the house as its own, and I wonder if I should ever have mine. I suppose one might find it in my shouts and moans, but it’s a very unpleasant song. Not all music needs to be beautiful, though. There is beauty enough to be had here, anyway, in Roderick, in the house, and, if Roderick is to be believed, even in myself.

So, there we have it. Another (kind of) successful RoW80 update! How’s everyone else doing? Have you check in on the others here yet? You should. šŸ™‚

Happy writing, everyone!


    • Haha, thanks! I really like the atmosphere to this book, and it’s hopefully going to be a really messed-up ride through some really dark and creepy things. After all, since it’s based on his story, I shall have to do Poe proud!

  1. I totally understand about your mistake and how it makes you feel. Every single piece I have ever submitted anywhere seems to have one flaw or another pop out of it as soon as I have clicked the send button.

    And you want to hear about mistakes? At our staff meeting at the day job today, as the manager was going through the mind-numbing statistics she goes through every month and she was trying to draw us into the discussion, I suddenly blurted out, “well, we’re not contributing because we really don’t care.” I could NOT believe that came out of my mouth!! Earlier in the week a client complained to management about me and last week another department head complained about me, so you would think I would be on my best behavior. But, nooooo, I had to open my mouth, which by the way received some applause from co-workers. But anyway, I totally get about making mistakes!

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