RoW80 Update: Let’s Stay Together.

Now that I’ve pretty much officially moved into the boyfriend’s apartment (the cats are settled, so that makes it legit), this next week or two is going to be about getting all my crap moved over (no easy task, as there’s significantly less room here) and finding myself a new routine that works around sharing my time and space with someone else. In a way, Friday’s post about breaking from the tyranny of the clock was borne from this exact thing. He likes to sleep in, and I feel bad waking him, so I no longer set an alarm clock (except in cases where I have to be up well before when I would naturally awaken). The only schedule I have to work around is my part-time job, which only accounts for 25 hours a week on a busy day, so things are getting very “go with the flow of whatever” around here. I like that I’m not as concerned about time, but I still need a structure around which I use my time wisely. That’s where my RoW80 goals come in real handy, and these updates help keep me on track so I don’t waste away too many days in this new laisse-faire approach.

Let’s break down what’s coming into swing now that I’m coming into my own at the new place:

Goal One: Promotion. With the exception of one day, I’ve actually been finding venues to promote Soulless pretty consistently, some free, some paid. It’s still to early to determine which venues have been the most beneficial so far, but I do know that I’ve already made more with Soulless than I have with Bowlful of Bunnies. I’m sure the higher price tag on the former might have something to do with it, but it confirms for me that the approach has been solid. I’d like to shift a little more focus onto promoting the World Unknown Review more aggressively, too, so I’m going to start tracking Soulless‘s progress a little closer. If it’s taken a jump up from the previous day, I’ll promote WUR that day. If it’s taken a dip, I promote Soulless. If it’s about the same, I’ll go with which ever one I feel needs the next venue. A little bit of a balancing act, though I feel it’s a little crazy to be nitpicking at them this closely. However, I like that kind of approach, as long as I’m mindful of when it starts to become a little obsessive.

Edit: Literally two seconds after I posted this, I received emails from both Goodkindles and One Shot Pitch that my ads with them went live! So it’ll be interesting to see tomorrow if they did any good. You can check them out here and here!

I might even do a little promotion for BoB coming up here soon, especially since I discovered /r/wroteabook on reddit.

Goal Two: Short Stories. I’m still going to use the excuse that I still haven’t unpacked one of my notebooks that helps me keep track of what I’ve submitted where as the delay on brushing up some stories to send out, but, really, I haven’t had the mind-set. I’ll get there. Some August 31st deadlines are moving in quickly, so I might just buckle down next week and see what might work where, or if I can pull something out of thin air before those submissions close. I pushed myself to finally get “Flesh and Feathers” (those of you who have read Bowlful of Bunnies might recognize that one!) to The Maine Review‘s Rocky Coast Contest, so hopefully that gets the trend of submitting more going along.

Goal Three: Medeline. Not a chapter a day, but I’m getting at least a page a day, just as I expected. One thing that happened with this project that’s kind of exciting is that I’ve started writing some of the scenes out of order. That’s right. The habitually beginning-to-end L.S. Engler is playing around with the idea of writing scenes all higgly-piggly then trying to put them together in the end. This project is the perfect one to play around with this, though, as, really, since it’s based on a short story, I only have a few major points to hit, and the rest is essentially filler. So I can really play around with which scenes help the main story, which are useless, which can fit in where in the timeline…it should be pretty interesting, as I’ve never written like this before, and it gives me something to write while I’m at my part-time job, since my efforts to write short stories in the downtime there haven’t been very successful.

I’m also traipsing through Fallon Brown‘s manuscript, hopefully offering lots of helpful advice and encouragement, while also cheering on my fellow RoWers, who you can find here. How’s everyone else doing?

Happy writing!


  1. I haven’t ventured into ads yet, so will be interested to read whether you find them worth it! Great job on your writing goals – I think that as long as you’re writing every day you’re doing pretty well – everything else is gravy! 😉

    • So far, they don’t really seem to be doing much, but it may be too early to tell. Word of mouth is definitely still the most powerful tool I think we have.

      Also, mmmm, gravy.

  2. I am very impressed that you are getting as much done as you, what with moving and adjusting to a new schedule. I think I would be – meh, getting nothing done! Good job and keep it up!

    • Wanna know the crazy part, too? I feel like I’m not getting anything done! Funny how it works like that, isn’t it? Ah, well. I guess I’ll just keep chugging along at “nothing,” lol.

  3. Just sub’ed to WUR. I’ve tried to set up and market a journal/review in the past. Best wishes on your endeavor. It is a ton of work to do well, but worth it!

    • I have a little experience with it in college, but that was a little different, as the authors in that publication were all part of a writing group with me. It should be an interesting experience, and I’m really excited to see where it goes. And, hey, if it means just yours and mine in there, then so be it. Thanks for breaking the submission ice, DJ! I’m really looking forward to reading your piece.

  4. Well done with everything you’ve managed to get done this week, especially for figuring out the bits about advertising. Good luck for the next week or so and I hope you manage to get everything moved over ok.

    • Thanks, Nicole! It’s astonishing how much stuff I continually keep gathering, even after all the moving I’ve done. I cannot wait to be all nice and settled and set again!

  5. Despite the move and settling in, you’ve still done some writing and critiquing and marketing. Woo hoo! I’ll be interested in reading about your discoveries on the marketing side of things when you’ve had a chance to analyse everything.

    In the meantime, I wish you another productive week and look forward to hearing more about WUR. 🙂

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