Cat Scratch Fever.

Today is going to be an interesting day. If you’ve been keeping up with any news with me that isn’t Soulless-related, you know that I’m also in the process of moving apartments. I’m finally moving in with the boyfriend (yay!), though not into our own apartment yet (thanks a lot, dumb me four years ago!). On the bright side, rent is going to be super cheap for a year while I wait for this thing on my credit to clear; bad news is that one of the roommate already has two cats and we have no idea how my two cats will get along with them. My two cats are non-negotiable, though. So we’re hoping they’ll all get along, but they’ve tried four cats at this apartment before with less than stellar results. It’s not a huge deal; there’s a door between the living room/my bedroom space and the rest of the apartment, so if they don’t get along, we have that to keep them apart. I just hope they really do. It’ll be a much more peaceful household if they can just coexist together.

So wish me luck on that. I’ve planned it so that I have the next day off, too, so I just can spend time with the cats and make them feel comfortable if the move winds up stressing them the fuck out. Which I’m sure it will at first, but they were cool once they got settled after the move from Michigan, and they got along with the dog, so I’m sure the other two cats (who are old and harmless) won’t be a problem. Finger’s crossed!

I’m also excited to announce that I’ve done my first guest-blogger post over atLauralynn Elliot‘s, talking about the challenges I met with Soulless and the importance of overcoming them. Swing by, say hi, follow Lauralynn if you aren’t already, and have a great day. I’m off to wrangle two cats into a cat carrier…hoo boy. Wish me luck, guys!


  1. The thing about cats is…you never know. My cats would probably freak out, but they are pretty high strung to start with. I hope this works out well so they won’t have to be confined to your area. Maybe start out with them there and introduce them all gradually.

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