RoW80 Update: Recalculating…

With The Slayer Saga: Soulless out and ready for the masses (finally!), it’s time for me to sit down and reassess my goals for the remainder of this Round of Words in 80 Days. The thing with something like publishing a book is that it takes all your energy and focus and, once it’s finished, you’re left feeling a bit like an asteroid out in space without an orbit. There’s so much potential in projects, but where do you put your energy now? You’re scattered, distracted, and still wanting to work on something for which there is no more work. So it’s time to buckle down and figure out the big question, “What next?”

At first, I thought I would leap right into book two of The Slayer Saga, Heartless, but I’ve realized, in my many failed attempts to really get it started, that I should let it breathe a little bit. Give it some time before I work on it, and actually (gasp!) outline and plot first. I didn’t do that for Soulless, and it really showed in the first draft. So, instead, I’ve decided to really use NaNoWriMo this year to write up Heartless and use the time until then to plan it out a little bit. This means using the next few months to focus on something new for a while before diving back into the Slayer’s world.

Is it time to start picking at Serpent in a Cage again? I don’t think I’m ready to delve into another big saga until this one is finished, so it will still be out to pasture for the time being. Right now, I’m wavering between returning to Madeline or Rosewood Manor; fall is right around the corner, so I’ve been wanting to work on something spooky and ghostly. So one new goal is going to be decide on which to focus on until November and write at least a page a day on said novel.

Naturally, short stories are going back on the priorities list, especially since all my ships have returned back to harbor with no great luck I've even started a notebook of open submissions and contests to help me keep track of them. So the new goal involves submitting a short story every day. A lofty goal that I rarely keep, but I know that if I ever do manage to pull it off, I’m going to be looking pretty damn good on the short story front.

Going in line with marketing and short stories, I also want to start promoting World Unknown Review pretty heavily, too, though I have to think about how to balance promoting it and Soulless both without seeming like I’m bombarding everyone with spam. However, since it’s a literary review, I can’t do anything with it if I don’t have people who want to be published in it, so I’ll be working different, more writer-influenced places to plug WUR and convince people to submit.

I don’t think it would hurt to do a little marketing and promotion on Soulless now that it’s out there in the world, so I’ll focus on one marketing/promo aspect per day as well. Anything from a shout-out on Twitter to an ad on a website to help spread the word a little further.

Also on my list is to read more, including some beta reading for Fallon Brown, though I’m not making those into hard and fast goals. Over-all, it’s more of the same, just with some differences here and there, but the same has been working for me so far, so I’m going to stick with it.

The last few days have been a little crazy, between publishing a book and moving and not being able to “settle” quite yet. But the guest at the next apartment takes off tomorrow, and hopefully I can finally get into a new routine to match the new living situation. I earned a few days off, but now it’s time to get back to work. How’s everyone else doing? Have you checked out my fellow RoWers here yet? I’m hoping to check in throughout the day myself.

Happy writing! Off to get some new goals all in line again.


  1. I think it was Stephen King who said he likes to write shorter works, such as short stories and novellas, between writing longer works–and Soulless is definitely an epic work. Good luck with your short stories and with the promotion of your new release!

  2. Well, just passed along the link to Worlds Unknown… What a cool idea. I’ve been tempted by something similar before, and back when I was still doing the apartment thing, a friend of mine ran her own magazine of short stories and art as well. There’s a lot of work involved in maintaining subscriptions and design. But even when she was stressed out, it was easy to see she loved the work. Best to you.

    I also get you on the “what next” feelings. Whenever I have anything “heavy” on my mental plate for a period of time, I feel the same way. It’ll pass, and soon you’ll be trudging through the mire again happily. 😀

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