The Soulless have Arrived!

Are you ready for gruesome zombies and an ambitious quest that reveals more questions than it does answers? I hope so, because The Slayer Saga: Soulless is now available on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle! Earlier this year, I set out on a mad quest myself, to take a story I had been struggling through and really focus on getting it published this year, and I made it! It’s the first book in a series of three, each to be released within a year, an ambitious project for a fledgling author, but one I’m eager to take on, especially now that I have the first book available to fuel the fire under my butt to get the second and third books out!

Soulless follows the path of the legendary warrior known as the Slayer of the Soulless, who roams the land defending the people from the zombie-like creatures that have been plaguing them for as long as they can remember. Her effort have not been in vain…until now. When a plot to kill her is revealed among the chaos of an attack on a city that was supposed to be a safe haven, she sets out with a small group of refugees to find the Queen, a benevolent ruler who watches over the world from a flying airship. But, as they travel, they discover there is a great deal at stake here, and what was finally starting to become a peaceful world takes a dramatic turn for the worse.

A swift read at only about 240 pages, The Slayer Saga: Soulless is an exciting adventure that one of my beta readers referred to as “Buffy meets the Hobbit,” a comparison I’ve clung to because it seems so perfect. I’d like to take a moment to thank all the wonderful people how helped make this book a reality. My beta readers, Jody Moller and Denise D. Young, who helped to validate all my suspicions about the weak parts of the book and helped to inspire me to make them better and stronger. When I reached out to Ingrid Pomeroy with a bid for potential cover work, I had never expected I’d be gifted with something so beautiful and unique, as well as sparking a great new professional relationship and friendship. Everyone at A Round of Words in 80 Days has also be a great support through the process…if it weren’t for this group, I would never be where I’m at today. And, of course, there’s my Kickstarter backers, who made me believe that even random strangers would be interested in supporting this project and getting it off the ground. There’s countless others, and I hope not a one of them are disappointed.

There’s also a fantastic sample of Kate Sparkes‘ book Bound included in both versions!
If you feel so inclined, spread the word and let people know about Soulless! I’ve got a free paperback copy in it for one lucky person who spreads the word. I’ll pick a random commentor/ping-backer who includes a link sharing the books or this post with the world within the next few days. Please let me know if you’re interested in a free copy in exchange for a review. Some of you have mentioned it before, and I’m hoping to get all the details of that worked out in the next week.

Happy writing…and reading!

Oh, and if you get the chance, hop on over and see Elaine Jeremiah; she’s got an awesome new release today, too!


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