RoW80: Almost There!

Well, it’s Wednesday again, meaning it’s time for the RoW80 check-in I usually get in on time! Things have been kind of crazy around here, as I really buckle down and hone in on getting things done for the August 15th release date of The Slayer Saga: Soulless! I’m incredibly excited, ridiculously nervous, a little bit ill, and totally mind-blow than in sixteen days, I’m going to have a new book out. It’s just amazing, really. But there will be plenty of time for that soon! Let’s break down some goals, shall we?

Goal One: Soulless. As mentioned above, there are only 16 days left until the release of The Slayer Saga: Soulless! Friday is my cover reveal, and I’ll be spending the next two weeks finishing up on editing and getting together people who might want to help promote it. Speaking of which…

It’s not too late to join in if you want to spread the love for the cover reveal! Of course, if you just want to share the link of the post that goes up on Friday, too, that would be an immense help!

Anyone who’s interested in receiving a free copy in exchange for a review, please let me know and I’ll arrange to have one sent to you. It probably won’t be before the release date, but that’s okay. I’d prefer to have reviews rolling in at a languid pace to keep the momentum going a little.

I would also love, love, love to do any guest posts or interviews or have Soulless be featured on your blog as part of a very, very casual sort of Blog Tour. If you’d like to get in on something like that, let me know, and I’ll cry copious tears of excitement.

This is where all the craziness and fun sets in. Sixteen days!

Goal Two: Short Stories. While Soulless is out in sixteen days, Torn Pages has its deadline tomorrow, so tomorrow will be all about finishing up that story and sending it off. It’s about damn time, too. Then it’s on to the ultimate question: what next? I probably won’t really bother figuring that out until after the fifteenth.

Goal Three: Heartless. I haven’t hit the page-a-day goal for Heartless in a while, but I’m really hoping that gets fixed once the first book is out and I realize I only have a year to get this one finished and out, too.

So there you have it. I definitely have Soulless on the brain, and everything else is taking a bit of a rest right now. How about you? You can check out my fellow RoWers here if you get the chance. Me, I’ve got to go finish up some formatting.

Happy writing!


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