Top Ten Authors: # of Books Owned.

I came across this post from The Magical Adventures of Cassie the Weird and thought it was a really cool idea. Which authors can claim the title of having the most books owned by me? I have a lot of books, so these are mostly guesses, but here’s my best guess on my Top Ten Authors with this distinction.

10 & 9. Michael Stackpole and J. Robert King.
I have no less than 8 Star Wars books by Stackpole. The ironic thing, though? I haven’t read a single one (yet!).

What I have read is most of King’s books, and he is easy my favorite Magic: the Gathering author. Yes, there are M:tG books. Yes, I love them to pieces. Yes, they’re absolutely terrible.

8. Tite Kubo.
I wasn’t originally going to include manga, but my roommate mentioned it and I thought, “You know, I probably should.” I made it to volume 13 of Tite Kubo’s Bleach series before I sort of fell out of it. I’m thinking of picking manga back up, and I know Bleach is probably up to 30+ volumes now, so I should probably get back into that…

7 & 6. Rebecca Moesta and Terry Pratchett.
This is all due to the Young Jedi Knights series, which I still love to pieces, and of which I have 15 books. Tenel Ka is a goddess. Also, yes, she wrote them with Kevin J. Anderson, but hold on. He’s still coming…

5. Terry Pratchett.
Even if you don’t consider my roommate’s copies (since she’s a huge fan, too, and actually got me into Pratchett), I own a grand total of 15 books by Sir Terry Pratchett, easily my favorite author. By the way, with our powers combined, it’s 41, meaning she still has me beat by at least 26…

4 & 3. Lewis Carroll & Ken Akamatsu.
It still counts if it’s all different copies of the same book, right? Because my collection of various publications of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has reached 17. I feel the need to go out and buy three more to make it a nice even 20.

17 is enough to tie Lewis Carroll and another manga author, Ken Akamatsu. I have 17 volumes written by him, between his Love Hina and Mahou Sensei Negima!! series.

2. Kevin J. Anderson.
Between his Star Wars books and a random book about Captain Nemo, I have at least 18 Kevin J. Anderson books that I could locate.

1. Piers Anthony.
Considering he’s published 166 books as of December 2013 and he was one of my dad’s favorite authors, as well as a used bookshop gem, it’s really no surprise that Piers Anthony tops me out at 21 books. Granted, I’ve only ready about half of them, but I have them sitting there, waiting…waiting…

Now, in a way, I felt I was kind of cheating. All of these are authors that work in series, and usually these are within one series, perhaps with a few outliers, except for Lewis Carroll. I’m sure the results would be a little different if i disqualified series, but I’m way too lazy for that. Who would be there? Jane Austin, most likely, since i have a small collection of her books. Nathanial Hawthorne, for sure. There’s probably a good deal of Dan Simmons and Stephen King, too. But these are the ones I know for sure are up there with more than six. There’s also a lot of Clive Cussler and Redwall books that I couldn’t quite locate. Eric Flint also shows up a lot, though I’m not a huge fan of him, and I’m really building up my David Sedaris library pretty quickly. I know I have at least seven books by J.K Rowling, Lois McMaster Bujold, James Clavell, and S.M. Sterling. Maybe when I move I can get a more scientific estimation.

How about you? Whose books tend to fill your bookshelf? Any favorites on my list?


  1. I only recognized a name or two on there. I guess that shows you and I have vastly different reading tastes. You KNOW who my number one would be, don’t you? 😉 Sure you do. LOL

    I also have multiple books by F. Paul Wilson, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, Dean Koontz, Ruth Ann Nordin, Rose Gordon, Michael Connelly…. And these authors write in vastly different genres, so you can see how eclectic my reading tastes are.

    • Hmmm, who could it be? I wonder

      (For the record, I think I have seven of his, eight if you include the volume of American Short Fiction I have that he edited…so he almost made it. Almost.)

      I recognize a few of yours! Mine are mostly science fiction and fantasy, I noticed, but, on the same token (Tolkien?), sci-fi/fantasy tends to have a lot more series, too. I would have really different results if I excluded series, I think, and a much bigger variety.

      • All the ones I mentioned actually have series, but they also have stand-alones. I LOVE Lincoln & Child’s character, Agent Aloysius Pendergast. 🙂 And F. Paul Wilson’s character, Repairman Jack.

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