RoW80 Update: Okay, maybe not so much…

So, anyone remember on my last RoW80 update, where I touted the joys of being able to get back on track? Yeah, well, that was before I realized my days off actually corresponded with my boyfriend’s days off, and we decided to take advantage of this fortuitous and rare event to just spend a day at his place doing absolutely nothing but watching TV and hanging out. It was glorious, but not exactly productive, and then Word has been slow lately with all the changes I’ve been making to Soulless so I’ve been going on-and-off from touching it. However, despite the impromtu stay-cation, I’ve got a pretty good schedule coming up this week so I think things will be good.

Let’s break it down a bit:

Goal One: Soulless. Like I said, I’ve been making so many changes that I feel Microsoft Word can’t even keep up with me. It gets laggy after I’ve been doing about an hour of edits, so I haven’t made much progress. I also cut a lot of the wishy-washy stuff in the middle, tightening the prose and plot, and pretty much now I’ve broken even with my word/page count with the stuff I’ve added and the stuff I’ve taken away. It’s definitely turning out to be a stronger story, and I’m excited again to finally get it finished and out already. Soon…soon!

Goal Two: Short Stories. Almost…almost have my Torn Pages submission ready, and I’m trying to turn more focus on getting some stuff finished and out there to potential paying markets, as it hit me that I might have to wait as long as another month before anything comes back on my current stories out in the ether. Self-publishing really does warp your perception and make you a little impatient when you shoot for something more traditional, but, the way I see it, the best solution is to just keep firing shots….eventually, I might hit something.

Goal Three: Heartless. Poor Heartless has been sorely neglected. The short stories and the edits are getting the top priority lately, but I hope to change this soon. It’s going to be real problematic if this draft isn’t done within the year, so I have to get my butt in gear.

There you have it! Sundays are usually not very productive for me, but I’m having a pretty good morning so far, so maybe I’ll managed to get some work squeezed in before the “It’s Sunday, let’s hang out and do nothing” sets in. How’s everyone else doing? You can check in on my fellow RoWers here (and I highly recommend you do!).

Happy writing!

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