Awesome Things Volume Three.

So, it’s been a while, but I’ve been steadily compiling another Awesome things to randomly share, which seemed appropriate for a Friday in which I’m having difficulty getting back to work. I took a glorious day off where I did nothing but hang out with my boyfriend yesterday, and it was much needed, but difficult to kick back into work mode. I am determined to plow through some Soulless rewrites today, though, so while I’m doing that, you guys enjoy these.

From Mother Jones: Adorable Photos of Children with their Favorite Toys. When I saw this title, I was kind of ‘meh,’ then I clicked the link and fell in love. So many stories here, and the pure joy on the children’s faces is wonderful. It reminded me quite a bit of the stunning Where Children Sleep.

From Wakefield National: Anyone who knows me knows I love to cook. Anyone who’s worked with me knows that I don’t settled for any old lunch on my breaks, either. One of the marvelous things about working from home now is that I never have to worry about having a sad desk lunch again (though I do miss people marveling at my cooking prowess). To help me fill in the spot of co-workers ooh-ing and aah-ing at my curry roasted vegetables or my black bean burgers, I’ve now discovered Sad Desk Lunch, a Tumblr page dedicated to the pathetic things we submit ourselves to in lieu of lunch. Just the thing to make me feel really freaking great about my cous-cous arugula salad I’m munching on right now. Mwa ha ha.

From The Fortress of Solitude: Ever notice How Riker Sits Down? This is surprisingly mind-blowing…and oddly awesome.

And lastly, and certainly not least, Weird Al Yankovic’s new line of videos has been awesome, but nothing beat Word Crimes, his “Blurred Lines” parody that makes the little grammar nerd in me oh-so-gleeful.

What do you think? Got any other goodies around the internet you’d like to share?

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