RoW80 Update: That Last Dwindling Week.

I’m sure there’s a few people out there who will roll their eyes or groan when I say this, but sometimes, it’s tough being so proficient. It’s been a good Round of Words in 80 Days for me, but I feel as though it’s about 10 days too much. I knocked out some pretty heavy goals this round (one draft completely edited and sent to betas, the other draft completely transcribed and ready to rest for a while, plus the start of the round brought in about three solid short stories that are floating out there in publishing purgatory), and now I’m left with a week to go feeling as though there’s not really much left. I could start a new goal, but that seems a little pointless, as it would have to be a goal to last me a week, and then I have to make new goals again for Round 3. What’s a RoWer to do?

For the final week of this round, I think I’m just going to focus in on encouraging my fellow RoWers and trying to figure out what my next goals should be. I’d like to get a few short stories out, too, but I’m going to be trying to do that regardless of whether we’re in a round or not. I keep scheduling things for mid-way through rounds (The Slayer Saga: Soulless is set to come out August 15th), so that makes it a little difficult. Obviously, I’m going to be making Soulless a priority at the beginning of Round 3. I kind of have to. But what else can I work on that will give me something hefty to work on for the other half?

I guess these are things to consider in a week or two. For now, I think I’m going to just bask in the glow of being productive, encourage my fellow RoWers (check them out here!), and keep trudging along on my short stories and my Soulless editing.

Happy writing!


  1. That little play on words “Souless editing” made me smile . . . it’s been a very good round. I think a little rest this last week is just fine. I feel poised between that last technical push of formatting for Book 2 to finish within the next week or so and the great dive I’m imagining into the next book with Round 3. But I can think of many minor goals (de-cluttering?) that would fit about a week. Congrats on all you have acomplished!

  2. Glad the Round 2 was really good for you! It’s good to hear good news.

    I’ve been plugging along on my own goals and my busy life. Been a rough/weird week. Ready to return to a more normal pace.

    Catch you later! 🙂

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