The Characters of “Soulless.”

As we race toward the finish line for raising money for Soulless, I wanted to offer a few more tidbits of incentive to join the fun and donate with a few character snippets. Now, it’s a little difficult to explain too much about the characters without giving things away, which is why I’ve been fairly quiet about them so far, but here’s a quick look into who you’ll meet on the exciting adventure that awaits in The Slayer Saga.

The Slayer of the Soulless: Destined from childhood to fight against the marauding creatures known as the Soulless, the Slayer had dedicated her life to travelling the world and saving humanity from inevitable destruction. As she starts to realize how little she can relate to the very people she saves, though, she begins to wonder if she shares more in common with the monsters she kills, especially as she comes face to face with the dark secret she holds inside herself.

Veroh: A young woman with a troubled past, Veroh thought she had finally managed to make a comfortable living for herself in the safety of Paravelle. But an unexpected turn of events throws her back into the chaos she had once tried to escape. Even if she finds the strength to survive, will she just be continuing an endless cycle of repeated tragedy? Or will she manage to find the hope needed to keep going in such a dismal world?

The Captain of the Guard: Young and ambitious, the Captain of the Guard of Paravelle has done a fine job of leading the army, but, in a cloistered fortress, he remains untested. When trouble rears its ugly head, he will be forced to prove that his title is more about the charisma that had brought him to the charisma. He must prove that he can also fight and survive, though he has never been able to truly imagine the horror that awaits beyond the protective walls of his city.

Renald: Hungry for the past that has been destroyed, Renald is the son of a stubborn lord wishing to protect his family from the scourge of the Soulless. Knowing he cannot find the answers at his parents’ side, he strikes out on his own to find the answers he seeks. Will his intelligence and sensitivity be a strength in the great, wide, dangerous world, or will it be his ultimate downfall?

The Queen: Ruling the world from above in a flying airship, the Queen keeps watch over the cities spread across the land, delivering supplies and soldiers when needed. Due to the nature of her protective haven, she can be difficult to find, but somehow always finds a way of being in the right place at the right time.

The Doctor: In the service of the Queen, the Doctor has been studying the Soulless for a very long time, and his research has brought him closer to understanding how they came to be…and perhaps even how they could be cured. Is the disease too far gone, or has all his long years of hard work finally revealed the cure they would have never thought possible?

Kyle: Kyle is the worst. That’s all you really need to know about that.

Now, this isn’t all the characters. I had to save a few surprises for the book, but it’s definitely a good look into some of the faces you’ll be seeing in the pages. You’ll notice some of them aren’t given names, too. That started with the Slayer, as an attempt to play on the “Nameless Hero” cliche of the video games I grew up loving and being inspired by. The “Nameless” thing leaked to a few other characters as a device I grew rather fond of, and I hope the readers find it interesting, too. There’s also something a little more about those without names, but I’m definitely keeping my mouth shut beyond that, to see how much everyone’s paying attention.

Five more days until the Kickstarter closes! Have you pledge yet? Don’t forget, leave me a note if you’ve shared the campaign on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever else. One lucky sharer will get the opportunity to advertise their own work in Soulless! Spread the word, spread the love, and happy reading!


    • Oh, sure, make me even more nervous about debuting it. 😛 Haha, I think I’m just in that nervous final editing stages of crippling self-doubt at the moment, is all. I really do hope you enjoy when it gets here in August, Lauralynn.

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