RoW80 Check-In: Sunday Already?

When I realized yesterday that I would have to make a RoW80 post today, I was a little taken aback. It was Sunday already? I guess the week has been kind of a blur from balancing the new job, my writing work, time with my boyfriend, and trying not to die on HabitRPG. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Things are getting done and I’m keeping myself so occupied that I don’t even have much time to stop and consider what day it is. I like that. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that, last Monday, I was inspired to write a lot of blog posts, so I didn’t have to write much for the rest of the week, just post what I wrote beforehand. Who knows? Either way, it’s Sunday, so let’s have a look at those goals.

Goal One: Serpent in a Cage. Transcribing things never seems to take very long. I’m a quick typer, and sometimes I really get in the zone. Doing a chapter a day has brought me almost to the end of this draft of Serpent in a Cage. After today, there’s just two chapters to go, and it’ll be all typed up! I’ll probably start editing it by next week. There are some pretty strong, amazing parts, but some pretty weak, terrible parts, too. It’ll be time to get it just a few steps closer to being perfect (or as close to it as can be).

Goal Two: Short Stories. It’s funny, isn’t it? Sometimes, I can whip out a short story in a week, or even a few days. Other times, it seems to take me forever, even though I generally write at the same page (at least a page a day). This current story, a ghostly love tale for a contest, seems to be moving at a snail’s pace. I think it’s because I don’t usually work in romance, but I’m trying to challenge myself. It’ll get there! Good thing it’s a fairly fresh contest and the deadline is all the way into July!

Goal Three: Heartless. The second book of The Slayer Saga is coming along nicely. I just finished Chapter One, and it’s already charged with a lot of tension. This book is likely to be much sexier than Soulless at this rate, too, which is kind of exciting and a little unexpected. I’ve been keeping up with at least a page a day, so it’s steadily gaining momentum.

So,that’s that. Still holding steady. Don’t forget to check out fellow RoWers here!


  1. Did you know the Parasol Protectorate series uses Soulless and Heartless as book names? When I hear the book names, I think of those. Sounds like despite the warp speed of the week, you’ve managed to stay on target. Great job!

    • You’re not the first person, Ryan. And I did a little searching and came across them as well, but sometimes, when you have a title scheme in mind, you really can’t convince yourself to break it. I guess I’ll have just have work hard to make sure that when people hear those titles, they then ask, “Ooh, Parasol Protectorate or Slayer Saga?” Soulless/Heartless/Fearless is just too good a trilogy set to pass up, though I suppose the middle one could be changed…

  2. Sounds like you’re making great progress this week. Sometimes the only reason I remember what day of the week it is, is because of the girl being in school. This summer I probably have no chance 😉

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