Cat Puddles.

Contrary to popular belief, “Cat Puddles” does not refer to my felines having an issue containing their bladder until they get to the litter box. “Cat Puddles” is a phrase I coined when the brutal summer last year left my cats flopped over and “puddled” about the cool hardwood floor of the apartment, managing to somehow look huge in all their deflated, puddled posture:

Classic Cat Puddles

Warmer weather has definitely been sweeping into Illinois. Warm, humid weather, I should say, since it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity, blah blah blah. We had a pretty epic thunderstorm the other day (love those!), so it’s cooled down a little into a nice mild late-spring 70s. but when it gets to 80s, it’s a little much for the cats. The grey one, Genghis, has a habit of staring me down and meowing as if I can do something to change the weather to a more mild temperature of which he approves.

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls” Puddle

Of course, I can do something. I can kick on the AC, but that’s pretty pricey and doesn’t happen until it hits 90 plus. We have three fuzzy roommates in this place, so even though my fellow human roommate and I are willing to sweat it out, we wouldn’t dream of making our pets deal with it. Until that 90 degree mark, though, they’re just going to have to realize their fate of being cat puddles for a while.

So help me, though, if they aren’t freaking adorable, though.


    • I’m fairly certain that a cat’s day is made up of 90% lounging around, 5% random insanity, and 5% meowing at you because their bowl is only 75% full, not 100%.

        • Seven? Yeesh. I do have friend that have more than ten cats, though. Crazy. Two is definitely enough for me.

          (They say that, on the Crazy Cat Lady scale, once you get three, you’re officially a crazy cat lady, and then you get exponentially crazier with the addition of each cat. I’ll happily stay here on the border of insanity).

  1. That last photo is just too adorable!! My dog is more sensitive to heat and humidity the older she gets so we occasionally have to put the a/c on just so she can fall asleep (in the meantime, I’m wearing a sweater….. and feeling guilty about the environment and my wallet, but the things we’ll so for an elderly dog….). Hope the humidity goes away and you enjoy some normal Spring weather!

    • It’s kind of funny, because I wrote this post a few days ago, but today is actually the PERFECT mild spring day. A lot less puddling, but Baldur (the cat in the second picture) is still curled up sleeping on that chair right now. It’s his favorite.

      My cats aren’t elderly, but they’re kind of my everything, so I make a lot of concessions for them. They’ve gotten me through a lot, as I’m sure your dog has, too.

  2. My husband made our bed himself, with a tentlike canopy top. Both of our current cats are formerly feral, and they hang out up there. It’s perfect, because we have A/C in this room, and the dog, who has been known to do so, can’t chase them….

    Lovely puddles you have there!

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