Author Quotes: Adler.

“In the case of good books the point is not how many of them you can get through but rather how many can get through to you.”–Mortimer Adler.

This beauty popped up on another great quote post from interesting literature, one I take a particular liking to after Lauralynn Elliott‘s Facebook post asking how man books everyone’s read so far this year and I realized I only had eight on the list. Eight, which means at this rate, I’ll have an even poorer showing on my 100 Books goal than last year. True, I’ve been busy, what with finishing a novel and trying to get it published as soon as possible, quitting my full-time job, and then picking up another job, blah blah blah. Either way, I used to read a lot more than I have recently, and, as a result, my book count is looooow.

I love reading, but, lately, it’s something I’ve not been able to devote as much of my time to, but I have definitely been enjoying what I have been able to plow through (with an exception or two *cough*Breed *cough*). And that’s the important part. It isn’t about volume, but rather the experience and the enjoyment of it. There’s a certain gentle pacing to one of the series I’m currently reading, and I feel that sort of reflects my reading journey so far this year. Slow and steady, but absorbing a lot of great ideas and pleasing stories. It may just so happen that I don’t read more than twenty books this year, and, you know what? That’s okay. If things go right, I’ll have published two. And there’s plenty of time to keep reading books through the following years.

Honestly, I think a lot of it has to do with the recent restructuring that had gone on in my life. I’ve been dedicating so much more of my time to treating writing like a profession, and with excellent results. Unfortunately, that cut out a lot of the time I would spend on reading. It’s harder to find a balance, especially when reading before bed doesn’t always work very well when I’m too tired from work or I’m staying over at the boyfriend’s place. We’re looking into apartments again and may have a winner soon, so hopefully that means a lot more reading time. It’s easier to fit in when you’re settled at cozy home.

Who knows? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how many books I read this year. What matters is that I’m just reading.


  1. Quality, not quantity, right? If you can’t read as much as you want, don’t waste your time on books you don’t love. I used to NEVER stop reading a book. If I didn’t like it, I plowed through it anyway, because I couldn’t stand the thought of not finishing. As I get older, I figure time is too precious to waste on bad books. 🙂 So enjoy what you DO read, and don’t worry about the numbers.

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