RoW80 Update: Them Pesky Goals.

Here we are, moseying on up to another RoW80 check-in, and I still don’t feel like I’ve done anything to develop new goals for the round. It isn’t that I haven’t been getting anything done, I have, but, with balancing the new part-time job and deciding on a new project while Soulless is off to the betas, I haven’t been very focused. That kind of defeats the purpose of the round, if you ask me, but I’m also a little okay with it. I set myself a goal this round and I reached it, albeit early. So it’s already been a success.

But I should probably attempt something rather than just coasting along and enjoying the breeze. The way I see it, I can break it down as such:

Goal One: Serpent in a Cage. Now, I’m not ready to move onto the BIG SERIES, not until The Slayer Series is complete. I would also like to try the Aryneth series on a traditional publishing route, Still, it doesn’t hurt to have it typed. And it probably wouldn’t hurt to send it through several washes of editing over the next couple of years. So I’m transcribing the written draft, aiming for a chapter a day, and then I’ll strive to edit a chapter a day…and pray the edits don’t convince me to write it up all over again from scratch like I did the last two drafts…

Goal Two: Short Stories. I guess my main focus should be producing more short stories to send out for publication. Looking back, I’ve actually been doing fairly well in this, though it’s really difficult to write and type and edit a really good, solid story in just a single day. But that’s okay. I’ve got three new stories out there. Three of them, more than I would have expected when I started this goal. No, I haven’t been submitting a story every day, but I strive to get one finished quickly and sent out, and the results are solid. So I’ll keep going on this one. I’m currently working on a love story with a ghost for a contest I just saw in my inbox, so that should be good.

Goal Three: Heartless. With Soulless set to be published in August of this year, I have until August of next year to write, edit, and publish the second book in the series, Heartless. I would have thought writing a book in a year was crazy, but, when I decided to finally buckle down and finish Soulless, I did it within two months. I can totally get to that point with Heartless, and, for now, since I don’t want to be too distracted, I’m making the goal to write at least a page a day, though I’m likely to do more. If it ends up being as long as Soulless, that puts me at the end in about 211 days. Plenty of time.

So there we have it. One month to go in this Round, and I’ve got three new goals: SiaC, Short Stories, and Heartless. I should be able to keep myself busy. How about you? How are your goals going out there, fellow RoWers? And if you’re not a RoWer, you can check in on some here!

Happy writing!


  1. Great goals to work toward! I can’t wait to read Soulless. I’ve been doing so much editing, etc. for other people that I have neglected my writing. I need to set priorities.

  2. yay for new goals! I’m going pretty good on my goals. Sometimes that’s hard for me to tell since I always have something else waiting(and still so many ideas in my head).

  3. Me? A flitter, a darter from here to there, sipping all manner of creative nectars and producing muddled honey….

    Or something!

    I like your laid-back goals. I will be coasting a bit through the last weeks of the round, too, after intense challenges through the first two months.

    Ebbs and surges seem to be my way.

    May you enjoy your relaxed time…and your emerging goals.

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