Artizone and Why It Rocks.

Okay, so, since this is a writer’s blog, I don’t usually use this space to promote anything other than writing related things, but I’m making an exception today because something amazing happened this weekend. For a while now, after learning about it via a great deal on Living Social, I discovered Artizone, a great grocery delivery service that works with local shops to bring you some really cool, often artisan products. Currently, it only services the Dallas and Chicago areas, which is fine by me, as I live near Chicago, and it really is a great service that offers frequent deals that kind of makes up for the fact that the items can be a little bit pricier than the grocery store sometimes and there’s a six dollar delivery charge. However, the products are sometimes things I can’t easily get, and the convenience of having it delivered right to you is really cool. So I’ve been a big fan of Artizone for a good six months or so.

And then something incredible happened, and they kindly asked me to tell everyone about it. Some of you may have already witnessed it on my Twitter and Facebook. Over Mother’s Day Weekend, they held a sweepstakes for $100 in Artizone credit. And guess who won, baby? THIS GAL. I enter a ton of sweepstakes and never win anything, so this is a pretty big deal and pretty freaking awesome, and I am STOKED. I am going to be so stocked up on Seventh Generation and Upton’s Seitan!

Now, if only they could add some ingredients list so I can see what else is vegan on the fancy artisan side of things, we’d be all set.

Either way, thank you, Artizone, for this great opportunity! I’m so stoked and I can’t wait to revel in your awesome service, and I look forward to continuing business with you for a good, long time. If you’re not from Dallas or Chicago, I hope they soon extend their services to your area so you can enjoy this fantastic company, too.

Winning $100 and a prize package from Artizone wasn’t the only incredible thing that happened yesterday, but you’ll have to wait for tomorrow to hear about the other one! It’s a good week.


  1. Man I wish there was something like that in Hong Kong! That sounds amazing and I always prefer to help out small, local shops that give my money to the huge chains.

    And well done for winning, how exciting!!

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