RoW80 Check-In: Nice While It Lasted.

So, it’s official. I’m now part-time employed at a local grocery store as a cashier, thus dashing my plans of working on nothing but my writing for the time being. Granted, I’ve asked for only around ten hours a week and it’s significantly less demanding than my previous full-time assistant general manager position, but part of my soul is a little sad for the fact that the endless days of writing are slightly compromised. However, most of my soul knows me better than that, and knows that this is a good thing. I need to feel like I’m doing some sort of work, as I enjoy writing so much that I’ve been constantly feeling like I’m just being lazy and slacking, despite the work I’m getting done. Also, the extra income to support me until I start selling some stories will be nice, so that I don’t have to constantly dread the coming of my funds running out. Also also, if I’m looking for a new apartment, it’s going to be a hundred times easier if I’m employed by someone other than myself.

Want to know the crazy part? My new position as cashier (which is mostly temporary, as they really want to move me into the cafe, but they have no openings right now) pays only eighty cents less than my position as an AGM. Yes, the new job is union, so there will be dues, but still. It astonishes me that a part-time cashier position is being paid only eighty cents less than my AGM position, which was one of the most demanding, soul-sucking, and most difficult jobs I’ve ever had. It boggles the mind, and really showcases how cool this new company is. They’ve also got these, the most INCREDIBLE vegan snacky food in the world. The boyfriend says I’ll get tired of them, but we shall see. Also, I discovered that my old company, for all its flaws, will still pay you for unused PTO when you’re terminated. I was not expecting this, but, considering I had well over 60 hours of unused PTO when I quit? That was a nice surprise in my inbox yesterday, for sure.

Anyway, enough talk about jobs and whatever. Let’s get to the writing and the normal RoW80 check-in, shall we? That’s what you’re all here for, anyway!

Goal One: Soulless. ONLY SIX MORE CHAPTERS TO EDIT! I’m so close, I can almost taste it. Six more days, and I’ll just have to brush up some stuff, cut some stuff, add some stuff, then find people to read it and tell me all the stuff I missed. I started the painting this week, too, so hopefully I should have that done in a few weeks or so, because it’s oils and I’m slow, and, yeah. Looking pretty good, Soulless. Looking pretty good!

Goal Two: Submissions. “Moon Night” is finally edited, after chopping about 2000 words from the original draft. I’m holding onto it for now, while I work on some other things. I’ve put together a little notebook of all the contests and open submissions I’ve been gathering, so I can go through them and find out where I might want to send this or that. I don’t like “Moon Night” all that well, so I’m going to see if I can whip up something better before some of these deadlines, but I know I have “Moon Night” waiting if I don’t have anything else by then. I’ve got big hopes for my Rose Red and Snow White retelling; here’s to hoping it doesn’t suffer from what all my short stories do in that it’s always TOO DAMN LONG. Brevity is not my strong suit.

I’m taking Madeline out as a goal, which I knew I eventually would, but there’s no way it’s getting done by the end of May. I’ll still be working on it, but my focus has shifted back to other work for submissions.

So how’s everyone else doing? You can take a peek at my fellow RoWers here (and I highly encourage that you do)! Happy writing, everyone!


    • Haha, thanks. They pretty much hired me on the spot, which was a nice confidence booster. I was supposed to start today, but my orientation got rescheduled. I’m a little bummed. I was excited!

      (And I wanted to pick up more Cheese Puffs. Ha!)

  1. Sometimes our best laid plans….well, you know. But it’s part time. You still have lots of hours to work on writing. 🙂 And you’re so close to finishing Soulless. Soon!

    • I’d better have time for writing, lol! I know I’m a good, hard worker, so I have a fear that they’re going to keep giving me more hours than I want, especially since I’ve got such a flexible availability, but we’ll see.

  2. Congrats on leaving that AGM and replacing it with something that will stave off absolute terror about finances. You really are making excellent progress on your writing and painting. Should you worry about being wordy? What is your style? Some folks just need more words to say elegantly what others say just as elegantly in their own way with fewer words. That’s a neat idea about the submissions notebook. I resist submitting. Make it a good week!

    • It’s kind of funny; my short stories are always too long but my novels feel pretty short. Go figure. I guess I’m just in the middle range. Out of curiosity, why do you resist submitting?

  3. Way to go on Soulless! I’m sure you’ll have it whipped into shape for beta readers very soon. 😀 And congratulations on your new job, too. Just imagine all the character sketches you could do, based on people you ring up at the register. Hmmm … maybe I should find a part-time job, too ….

    • Haha, yeah, I’ve been working in customer service for a long, long time. My cousin (who also is in sales) wants to join forces for a book about the harrowing experiences we encounter, but I’d rather not have to relive those moments. Still, not too shabby on the character ideas. Only better source might be Wal-Mart. Now there’s a treasure trove of characters…

  4. all day writing would be bad for you and your writing – most be out in the world see what’s happening – get a feel for movement, voice, silly sayings, and local philosophy – having said that, the job sounds ideal – don’t want to spend too much time people watching:)

    all the best, sounds like you are on track:)

    • Thanks, Alberta! Like I said, it’s a little disappointing my orientation got moved because I’m excited to start, but, yeah, it’ll be nice to have one more week of freedom before I have to start working around someone else’s schedule again. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that ideas spring up when your brain is focusing on something else — of course, in my case, it’s usually while I’m in the middle of handing a call and cannot, therefore, write anything DOWN until the call ends but such is life.

    And those vegan cheese puffs look temptingly good…

    • Isn’t that the worse? I have great ideas in the shower, but, by the time I get out, they’re gone before I get a chance to jot them down. Arrggh!

      And those puffs, man. Those puff. Temptingly good doesn’t even cover it. It’s dangerous for me to have them around because I can and WILL finish a whole bag in one sitting.

  6. congrats on the job and making so much progress on Soulless!
    I seem to have an issue with writing short too. What I planned to be a short story ended up being about 12.5k. And yet, the 1st drafts of my novels tend to come out a little short. Wonder if part of it, for me, is that I plot the novels and the shorts are more pantsed.

    • You know, I never really thought of it like that, but you might be onto something, Fallon. Usually, when I write a novel, I have a clear idea of what happens when. With short stories, I tend to make it up as I go along, which probably leads to a little bit of rambling or more events to help me get to some sort of conclusion. Sometimes, I do write a story with a clear end in mind, and it always takes me longer to get there than I original though, perhaps because the planning puts me into novel-writing mode. Who knows? But it’s an interesting thought…and it’s good to know I’m not alone.

  7. Yay for unexpected money! That’s always an awesome thing. And congrats on the new job. Hope it keeps going well. 🙂

    I think eliminating a goal is a good thing, especially if it is added/not needed pressure. You have a lot going on already. And I think you’re doing great at what you have. Keep going strong this round!

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