Aww Yiss…..Monday!

Not gonna lie. This is how I feel about Mondays:

You see, as I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I love Mondays. Mondays are like a great big old reset button, so that no matter how last week was, this week is a new, fresh one where you can start over and do better. Not that last week was a bad week, but I’m suffering from being a little too naive about the working of bureaucracy, and I’m freaking out minutely because the funds I thought I’d have access to by now are still not available and it’s a big old pain in my ass. I don’t need them right away, but not having them readily available stresses me out to no end. I’m trying not to let it overwhelm me, though, and just focusing on the tasks at hand, the writing, because if I focus on that, then, hopefully, the other problem won’t even be an issue at all.

While looking around for a potential home for “Moon Night,” I realized how important content creation truly is. Now, granted, it’s something I’ve always known is important and my inability to juggle a full time job and creating content was the biggest reason for quitting that job, but I’ve never realized how lucrative paying markets could truly be. I also found it interesting that I found a wider breadth of paying markets in genre fiction than literary fiction, though I suppose that shouldn’t be too surprising. If you have a good story, you can get paid some pretty good money for it. The trick, of course, is to stand out among the hundreds of pieces that get sent to these markets, but that’s where content becomes so important. Lightning can’t strike you if you’re not out there during the storm, and the more posts you put up, the more chance you have of attracting that bolt.

So the name of the game today is getting a good grip on my content. I’ve got editing on Soulless, whittling the word count of “Moon Night” down to make it more appealing to Strange Horizons, and I need to get started on the next short story to send to somewhere new and shiny. I’ve got to do a little on Serpent in a Cage (so close to finishing!), and then I’ve got Madeline sucking up my brain, too, and I’d love to get another chapter of that knocked out. So, yeah, creating the content isn’t a problem, but rather finishing it and sprucing it up. Luckily, I’ve been feeling so inspired, and I can’t wait to tackle each one respectively, and map out a plan for the rest of the week for meeting my goals.

Oh, yeah. I love Mondays. I’m so freaking pumped to just do this! As I see a slew of blog posts about hating Mondays hitting my inbox right now, I know I’m doing something right. How incredible, to look forward to the weekend’s end so you can get back to doing the job you absolutely love.


  1. Love the great attitude! I might have to put a sign on my cubicle wall at work: “Please return the reset button before Monday or you’ll end up in a novel. Thank you.”

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