The First Step is the Hardest.

Well, I finally did it. I finally got back to starting my workout and meditation routine this morning, so hopefully I can start making it a habit again. I used to do a small session nearly every day before work started to get too overwhelming for me to manage setting the time aside, and I’ve been meaning to go back to it now that the job I disliked and stressed me out is out of the way, but I kept forgetting until it just felt weird doing it (I have to do it in the morning, before I shower and get ready for the day, otherwise it just sets everything off). So, today, I remembered. Hooray! I’m throwing in some ab workouts I’ve collected from various magazines, too, because that’s the area I want to concentrate on. The change in my diet a year ago to vegan helped me lose a little bit of weight just by watching what I eat, so now it’s time to see how much good it can do for me now that I’ll be focusing on toning and trimming down some of the fat.

It isn’t just about the weight, though, or even about being more active and doing things that are good for my body now that I’m mostly sitting around to work when I used to be on my feet all day. There’s something about the few moments I give myself for quiet meditation, breathing, and then yoga that seems to just set things right. It allows one to focus, to get in tune with their body, and to just allow any stress to leave you, if only for a little bit. It’s something I haven’t had a chance to do in quite some time, so I’m eager to see how working this into my routine allows me to be even more productive and content in my life that I’ve already managed to accomplish these last few weeks.

Now if only I could think of a good way to prevent the cats from interrupting me when I do it…

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