RoW80 Update: Whoopsies!

Isn’t it interesting how, sometimes, we can be incredibly successful in so many things throughout the day, but then we manage to fail at one minute detail, and all those successes seem to fade into the background to make way for the pressing mar on our otherwise perfect day? That’s how I’m feeling right now, for the most part, though I do feel I’m combating it fairly well by accepting how ridiculous it is. You see, yesterday, I didn’t make a blog post. Big deal, right, especially when you consider how much I did accomplish yesterday. But it’s still sticking to me, like I can’t quite shake that the day was a bust because of this ONE THING. So, okay, I didn’t make a blog post yesterday, and the world kept moving, and so will I. Acknowledged. Let’s focus on the successes instead.

How fitting that today, Kait even posted this on the RoW80 Facebook page, which starts, “When we fail at something important to us…” Nice timing, right?

Anyway, enough of that. Wednesday goals!

Goal One: Soulless: As of typing this, I only have three pages left to go in typing Soulless, so, by the end of the day, I’ll be starting the editing process, at least a chapter a day, all the way until the end of the round. This is way, way, WAY ahead of schedule, so I’m going to beat this face down like a drag queen’s face. Since it’s so ahead of schedule, I’m thinking of starting my Kickstarter sooner, too, but I still need to give that a little more thought. This book is definitely going to be out by at least August, and that is extremely exciting for me.

Goal Two: Short Stories: Every Sunday, I have to send out a short story, and I’m about three or pages away from finishing up a new one about scary wolf creatures, so I’ll be looking into places to send that. If anyone has some suggestions, please pass them on!

Goal Three: Drawing: Er, okay, so there’s two things I didn’t quite get done. No new drawing today. Whoopsies!

My daily goals have been incredibly good, though. This current (*ahem*) draft of Serpent in a Cage only has two or three more chapters and an epilogue to go. That’s right. I’m almost finished with the current (*cough*) draft of SiaC. Could SiaC be not far behind Soulless? It’s possible. Really possible. And, like I said, I almost have a short story finished, I finished reading a book, plus I’m almost done with another one, so reading has been great, too. I’ve also got two posts half-written for future postings, so that’s good.

Not my best check-in, but still a good check in. How about you guys? How’re things going with you? And don’t forget to check out the other RoWers here!

Happy writing!


  1. Sometimes it is the little things that can really put a damper on our moods. But you are right in simply moving on and focussing on the good. Your success this week is something to be proud of. It is exciting to finish a writing project! Good luck with the upcoming editing process of Soulless!

  2. You’re doing great! And we need to focus on what we did well, not what we didn’t do. You can’t change what’s already happened, you just move on to the next thing…right? I’m an optimist at heart, so I try not to worry about the stuff I should have done. 🙂

    • I have the unique problem of being both an optimist and a neurotic. So I usually don’t sweat the small stuff, but every so often…they catch up with me. All the more reason to keep forging ahead, right?

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