Time is a Flat Circle.

If you’ve stopped by just now expecting a True Detective post, you have my sincerest apologies, because you won’t find that here. You will, however, find a high five for getting the reference. Me, I could only think of that when I tried to think of what to title this post, which will be little more than a brief musing on the timing of blog posts.

Kind of yawn, I know, but, as the clock kept ticking away into the afternoon and I realized I hadn’t made a blog post yet for the day, I got to wondering: does the timing on a post really matter all that much? I like to post in the morning, probably the fourth thing on my morning routine, but sometimes, like this morning, I don’t get to pursue my preferred morning routine. And one of my goals is to get a blog post out every day, so what’s a girl to do? Post later, obviously, but I’ve read so much stuff on consistency in your posts that I wonder if I’m screwing something up when I post just to post, no matter what the time.

Then I realize that I’m contemplating something like that and check myself. I’m sure that, sometimes, some posts get more traffic if they’re posted at certain times, but, over all, can it really make that much of a difference? Maybe the morning isn’t even the best time, and this afternoon period is more likely to catch more people, and I’ve been doing it all wrong in the first place. What do you guys think? Do you have a preferred posting time? When are you more likely to read blog posts? In the grand scheme of things, it probably doesn’t matter, but, hey, it made good fodder to hold a place until tomorrow’s RoW80 post.

Happy writing!

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