A Wee Little Catch-Up.

Usually, if it gets to be this late in the day and I haven’t made a post yet, I leave it for the next day, but I felt the need to still put something up. The only reason why I didn’t post this morning was because I had an unexpected job interview downtown this morning (which means a lot of commuting and walking). That’s right. A job interview. I just quit my job to focus on writing full time, and yet I have a job interview. Never fear, though! It’s a part time position, only 20 hours a week, which is exactly what I’m looking for to supplement my income. Plus, it is literally right downtown, across the street from Millennium Park. It’s always been my dream to work right in the heart of downtown Chicago, one of my favorite places on earth, so, while I still feel I’m not ready to get back into the workforce, I really couldn’t give this chance up.

Another reason I still wanted to post today is to announce that my small noveltte, “Rescue from the Mutineers of Starvation” is officially live as my current Featured Story! This was a piece I did for a sci-fi/fantasy prompt contest on reddit. It didn’t get any votes (but out of 70 entries, I wasn’t too surprised there), but it did get some lovely compliments and critiques. I’d like to make it live on the blog to have all my dear readers give me some input, too. Eventually, I’ll probably flesh it out into a full novel, release it as a novelette on its own, but mostly, I’m thinking of developing it into a graphic novel series, if I can get the artwork right. I’d love thoughts, opinions, whatever you might have to share on the matter.

While I’m here, too, I’ll point your attention to the right side, where I have all my fancy widgets and whatnot. See that Starving Artist fund? I figured out how to put up a PayPal donate button. Boom! So any generous folks who would like to empty a little bit of their pockets into mine can do so at a few clicks of a mouse. I’m definitely not expect a whole lot from it, but every little bit helps. The giveaway for Angela Misri’s Jewel of the Thames is still going on until the 15th, as well!

That’s all for today. It still hasn’t sunk in that I don’t need to worry about going to work tomorrow or the next day and everything, but I can’t wait to spend most of tomorrow writing up a storm. How’re things on the other side of the screen, dear readers?


  1. good luck with the job interview! I’m almost looking forward to next month because I’ll be back to working Saturday nights at a local racetrack. It’s only about 8 hours a week, but it’s a little bit of extra money. Plus, it’s an opportunity to study people and get ideas for characters. 🙂

    • I bet a racetrack would have some pretty good fodder for people watching, too. Even if I don’t get this job, I’ll likely still be looking for something part-time. I think I’m just wired to be working an “actual job,” but who knows? Maybe I will eventually get used to this self-employed bit before long.

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